WARFIELD joins our roster.

We have been craving for some proper old school thrash for a long time, rarely finding any really convincing bands in this genre. Well, the luck had it that a young German band contacted us one day, sending one of their new songs. And it clicked right away. It took a while, but we're happy to finally announce the signing of WARFIELD from Kaiserslautern for the release of their debut album "Wrecking Command". These guys started playing really early - even though the band was officially formed in 2012, when they were just 15 and 18 years old, they had been already playing together for a couple of years before that. And it's their youthful energy and aggression that make their music so convincing, alongside with the totally old school approach to songwriting and recording. Fortunately, they don't try to reinvent the genre - they fit very well and comfortably with their Teutonic forefathers, taking inspiration mostly from KREATOR, SODOM and DESTRUCTION, but also adding a bit from the American thrash titans like SLAYER and EXODUS, as well as the Canadians from RAZOR.
We will post a couple of songs from the new album tomorrow. For now, check this clip the band recorded in 2015 for "Barrage Fire" (which was re-recorded for "Wrecking Command"):

"Wrecking Command" will be released on April 27th, at the Keep It True festival.

Meanwhile, check the WARFIELD page to read the band's biography and see some promo and live photos of these guys!

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