Here you can buy all our releases in the physical format, but if you don't collect CDs, tapes and/or LPs, and prefer to have your collection as zeros and ones, you can download our releases from BANDCAMP (from where you can have the songs in MP3 320, WAV, FLAC and other formats - and from where you can listen to the music before buying it), iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and dozens of other digital stores.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the shipping is still messed up because of reduced international transport, reduced workforce and postal services overload (similar to the Christmas period in some places).
Delivery times (which had already been very long when we were shipping using the economic mail from Italy) are now almost certainly much longer than normally. It usually took about 2-3 weeks within Europe and about 5-7 weeks to America, Asia and Australia, but nowadays it can probably take even 2 months overseas.
We now send 1-2 CDs as priority mail by default because the difference in price between it and the economic mail for the lowest weight range is insignificant (just 0,40 Euro). The shipping for heavier stuff (over 100g) is still by economic mail to keep the costs as low as possible, but you can always choose the PRIORITY shipping if you order more than 2 CDs and want to receive the order faster (you have to add it to the Shopping Bag after you have chosen all items you want to buy). We also strongly suggest you always add the PRIORITY option if you order an LP, especially if you live outside of Europe (as you can imagine, the chances of it getting damaged if it's in transit for months are much higher).

We can send from 3 to 6 CDs for the same shipping price: 5,70 Euro within Europe, 8,60 Euro to America and Asia, and 10,60 Euro to Australia (all for the economic mail, while for priority mail it's only 1,60 Euro extra!).

If you don't understand the situation, don't trust and lack patience, we strongly suggest you DON'T order anything during these times.

UPDATE on the shipping times: Most of the orders we shipped to USA as normal (economic) mail in the first half of November arrived at the end of February/begnning of March, so after 15-17 weeks. On the other hand, the ones that we shipped as priority mail arrived after 3-4 weeks. Therefore, we suggest all customers from outside of Europe always add the PRIORITY shipping option if ordering more than 2 CDs (for 1-2 CDs it's priority mail by default), at least as long as this uncertain situation lasts.

Also, if you live in South America, Russia or in an ex-Soviet Republic country, please contact us before ordering from the shop!

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