To the BANDS:
We will be finalizing our 2024 release schedule (yes, we work with schedules) in June. If you are interested in a release this year (or the following year), there's a chance, but we're really picky bastards, so we must totally love your music to be interested in signing you (we like hundreds of bands, but that's not enough). That's still not enough though: your English has to be at least on a good level and you have to be ACTIVE as a band (playing live a lot, maintaining good web presence through your own website and social networking pages, mainly Facebook). And be realistic! Do you REALLY think your music fits to our label profile? And you are convinced that you can compete with the bands that are on our roster? If you're sure about it, then go on...
Just don't come to us if you want your EP released, especially on vinyl - we're not interested, never have and never will.
Also, if you had already released your album (this means also digitally, even if it's only on Bandcamp), don't ask us if we could release it... especially on vinyl (we are a CD label, in case you didn't notice checking our catalogue)! We still may be interested in your next full-length though.

If your main inspiration is Rhapsody of Fire and you call your music power metal or (especially) if you play nu "metal", emo, screamo, metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, grindcore, mallcore (or any "core" for that matter), goth, alternative, industrial etc. - don't waste our time with your stuff - and you will not waste yours. This is a METAL label, as the name indicates. If you're not sure what we mean, check the genres we're into (info on the right)... and listen to the bands from our roster!
We appreciate some old school death (bands playing in the vein of UNLEASHED, ASPHYX, AUTOPSY, DEATH...) and black metal (mostly the stuff from the 1st wave of BM), but there are very few bands playing these styles that could be interesting for us as a label. However, if you play this special mix of thrash, black, doom and death in the true early '80s vein, it could be right up our alley (especially if you sound like VENOM or HELLHAMMER!).

OK... since in spite of what I wrote above, we still receive a SHITLOAD of requests from individuals who are either illiterate or don't take their time to read what I wrote here (big mistake!) or are simply DUMB (unbelievable, but sometimes we do get a request from a metalcore band being convinced they fit perfectly to MOMR because they play "REAL" metal - yeah, THAT'S how skewed some people's idea and perception about metal can be, hahaha), let me reiterate it:

NO nu "metal", NO hardcore, NO mallcore (or ANY fucking "core" for that matter!), NO groovy modern tough-guy jock metal shit (à la Pantera, to give you a good idea), NO screamo, NO emo, NO alternative, NO post-anything, NO gothic (and any bands with FEMALE operatic singers in general!), NO glam, NO industrial, NO grind, NO ambient, NO drone, NO sludge, NO grunge, NO funk, or other styles that mainstream media try to sell as metal, but either have nothing or almost nothing to do with real metal.
If you play any of the aforementioned styles and you still waste your and our time writing to us, well, you're showing you're dumb.
And also "NO, thanks" to: Euro "power" metal (read: happy metal where keyboards are more important than guitars... we like only US style power metal), most black (especially symphonic, but also your bedroom depressive suicidal black metal "band"... we like only the 1st wave of BM and bands that play in this raw '80s style, so if Venom, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost are your main influences, feel free to contact us) and death metal (especially brutal death metal... we like only classic old school stuff in the vein of Unleashed, Death, Asphyx, Autopsy...).

I read ALL your e-mails and check your music (unless I see from the e-mail or/and your page that it's clearly not our cup of tea - then I don't waste my time of course), but please DO NOT expect a reply, even if we might like your music. It's too time and energy consuming to reply to all e-mails, so I decided to reply ONLY in case we are seriously interested in co-operation. Thanks for your understanding.

If you want to receive any promo materials (albums for reviewing, music for the airplay, CDs for give-aways etc.), don't hesitate to contact me (Jowita). I will get back to you as soon as I can!


We are continuously looking for distribution deals in all possible countries.
If we hadn't contacted you, but you're interested in making our releases available in your country, feel free to contact us.

If you have problems with ordering our releases or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me (Simone).