Primeval Blackened Heavy/Doom Metal (Malta)

Heavy/Doom Metal/NWOBHM (UK)

Power/Heavy Metal (USA)

Heavy Metal (Chile)

Death/Thrash Metal (Germany/Czech Republic)

Thrash/Speed Metal (Austria)

Epic Doom Metal (Germany)

Heavy Metal (Netherlands)

Heavy/Power Metal (Chile)

Epic Heavy Metal (Germany)

Speed/Thrash Metal (Portugal)

Technical Thrash Metal (Portugal)

US Power/Heavy Metal (USA)

Epic Doom Metal (Italy)

Black/Thrash Metal (USA)

Doom Metal (Italy)

Power/Thrash Metal (USA)

Traditional Heavy Metal (Germany)

Heavy Metal (Portugal)

Doom/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock (Sweden)

Traditional Doom Metal (Malta)

Black/Thrash Metal (Germany)

Thrash/Power Metal (UK)

Dark Heavy Metal (France)

Doom Metal (USA)

Traditional Doom Metal (Sweden)

Doom/Heavy Metal (UK)

Heavy/Speed Metal (Portugal)

Black/Thrash Metal (Germany)

Thrash Metal (Germany)

Technical Thrash Metal (Austria)


If some of these bands become active again, we may work with them again.
For now, we wanted to clean up the list to give better exposure to bands that are actually doing something.

Technical Death/Thrash Metal (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Technical Thrash Metal (USA)


Speed/Thrash Metal (Germany)

Power/Progressive Metal (USA)

Power/Thrash Metal (USA)

Epic/Progressive Metal (Italy)

Thrash Metal (Sweden)

Technical Thrash Metal (USA)

Power/Thrash/Speed/Shred Metal (USA)

Dark Power/Doom Metal (Greece)

Power/Thrash Metal (USA)

Speed/Thrash Metal (Italy)

Heavy Metal/NWOTHM (USA)

Power/Progressive Metal (USA)

Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal (Greece)

Traditional Heavy Metal (Germany)

Doom'n'Roll (Italy)

Epic Heavy/Speed Metal (USA)

Epic Heavy/Doom Metal (Greece)