ATTACKER "Sins of the World" album details.

Last but definitely not least, we present you our 3rd new release, ATTACKER "Sins of the World", which was supposed to be out together with METAL LAW "Hellrider" and SACRED GATE "Countdown to Armageddon" at the Hammer of Doom festival last Friday, but unfortunately got delayed because of problems at the pressing plant... Sometimes things are outside of your control and you have to find the best solution. And we've come up with a plan B, which will compensate the fans for the additional wait - please, see at the end of this post.

The US power metal veterans from New Jersey come back with their 6th full-length, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Giants of Canaan". Some people doubted that they can write an equally good one, let alone top it, but here they are again, with a blistering slice of old school American metal, just a bit more aggressive this time around. "Sins of the World" is the last album featuring guitarist Pat Marinelli, who co-founded the band with drummer Michael Sabatini and now decided to step down, after contributing a few solos. There has been a change on the bass player position (Brian Smith replaced Jon Hanemann), while the main songwriter of "Giants...", guitarist Mike Benetatos, now became the sole songwriter, and Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas wrote the lyrics and showed his impressive vocal skills once again. In 2017 the band will come back to Europe to play a few festival dates, including Pounding Metal fest in Madrid and Up the Hammers in Athens in May, and Headbangers Open Air in the north of Germany in July.

A promo clip for "Sins of the World" album (featuring a fragment of the "Sins of Man" song) can be viewed at this location or here:

Two songs from the album are available for streaming from our YouTube channel ("Archangel" here and "Carcosa" here) and from the Bandcamp player on the ATTACKER page, where we put additionally a third song, "World Destroyer". This is the album track list:

1. A Time Before the Darkness
2. Sins of Man
3. Carcosa
4. Garuda
5. We Rise
6. World Destroyer
7. Choice of Weapon
8. Archangel
9. By the Will of Crom
10. Where the Serpent Lies

(Cover art by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi)

You can find more info about "Sins of the World" and see the high-res cover on the page of this release.

As with the other 2 new releases, until December 6th, you can pre-order ATTACKER "Sins of the World" CD from our SHOP page with 2 Euro discount. We've made it available also in a bundle with the new "Sins of the World" T-shirt (available in all standard sizes), as well as with the previous CD ("Giants of Canaan") - and with both the T-shirt and the previous album.
Those who order the CD directly from us will get also the code to download the album(s) from our Bandcamp page to compensate for the wait,  and a little gift: the ATTACKER logo sticker.
Last but not least, like mentioned already in the news about the new METAL LAW and SACRED GATE CDs, we've set up the very convenient German shipping rates in our shop, as we've decided to go back to Germany to do all the shipments in the beginning of the next month. This means that we will not ship ANY orders before December 8th, but in the end, with the Deutsche Post fast service, the orders will arrive earlier than they would have from Italy anyway. The shipping rates are especially convenient if you order more than 2 regular CDs and for all orders from within Germany and from outside of Europe.

Like all our releases, also this album is available as digital download (in lossless formats) from our Bandcamp page. Later on it will be distributed digitally by CD Baby and made available also from iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other retailers.

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