New releases.

Our latest releases, HI-GH "Till Death and After", ALBERT BELL'S SACRO SANCTUS "Deus Volt" and ARKHAM WITCH "Demos from the Deep", were out at the Hammer of Doom festival. The CDs can be ordered from our SHOP page (and many mailorders and brick & mortar shops, as well as from the bands themselves), and those who don't collect CDs can buy the releases digitally from our Bandcamp page, CD Baby, Amazon MP3, iTunes, Google Play, eMusic and other relevant digital music retailers.

The Italian maniacs from HI-GH will take you on a fun ride back to the early '80s with their furious speed/thrash attack! "Till Death and After" is a mix of raw and gritty, punk influenced speed metal with more classic heavy metal influenced style... Passion, enthusiasm, dedication and unrestrained energy - HI-GH are the living embodiment of the old spirit of metal! Get it in the bundle with their debut CD "Night Dances" for 18,00 Euro only!


Malta's most seasoned doom monger Albert Bell (FORSAKEN, NOMAD SON) strikes with his first solo concept album. SACRO SANCTUS "Deus Volt" brings arcane heavy/doom metal, steeped in the primeval sounds and atmosphere of the early black/thrash. No sludge, no goth, no stoner, no post anything! It emanates from a mind that remains obsessed and entrenched in the path of olde, and is intended for the discerning old-schoolers.


The first ARKHAM WITCH recording, 2009 demo, has finally received a treatment it deserved. It's now re-mastered and released with 2 bonus tracks on 3-panel digipak under the title "Demos from the Deep". It's a must for all die-hard fans of this British Lovecraftian heavy/doom metal bunch, who shouldn't mind the low-fi recording and production. We're already down to 30 copies, so get yours now or go insane later!


Here's what the digipak looks like:


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!


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