OUTRAGE T-shirts and shows.

Just in for Halloween... OUTRAGE "We the Dead" T-shirts! You can order them from our SHOP page for 13,00 Euro or in convenient bundles with one of the CDs ("Go to Hell" or "We the Dead"), the recently released vinyl "1985 Demo(n)s", or with both CDs and LP, saving up to 10,00 Euro!


These blackened thrash veterans from Pforzheim, have just played at the Malta Doom Metal festival (on October 25th) - and they tore up the stage! We have to admit we were not sure what the reaction of the fans at the doom festival will be for their music, but the audience proved to be all-round old school metalheads. The Germans got a really hot welcome, with plenty of headbangers in the front rows and a mosh-pit from time to time (you can see the proof on YouTube - not the best quality of the video but shows well how the fans were going crazy for them). Frank "the Voice of Hell" is one hell of a performer - he's quite an actor and makes the show all the more exciting with little details (costumes/masks... see the photos below) - even though in Malta they had only a part of their usual stage props with them, as they couldn't fly with a throne or a big cross for example.

OUTRAGE have been also confirmed for the respected Metal Magic festival in Denmark (July 9th-11th 2015), where they will share the stage with many great bands, including their label-mates ARKHAM WITCH (who also played at this past MDM warm-up show). And on February 28th they will play a show in Tilburg, Netherlands, together with two veteran acts of the Dutch scene: PENTACLE and HERETIC.

Here are a few photos from the OUTRAGE gig at MDM VI last Saturday:







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