At the last Headbangers Open Air festival we had the pleasure to see two of "our" bands: ARKHAM WITCH at the warm-up show in Itzehoe on Wednesday, July 24th, and HERETIC on the 3rd day of the festival.

It was the second time we saw ARKHAM WITCH, this time as a "power-trio", without the second guitarist (John), and again it was mighty fun! But it was hotter than hell in this venue... it was more like a boil-up show! In spite of it, the room was totally packed and the maniacs were really into it, so much that the band had to play an unplanned encore. They also threw in 3 THE LAMP OF THOTH songs into their set. Here are 2 live clips, filmed by Simone:

HERETIC played on Saturday, July 27th. Just like they promised, they didn't waste the time they had and didn't give much chance to rest either for themselves or the fans. Old songs were mixed in good proportion with the songs from their comeback album "A Time of Crisis" and, looking at the reaction of the people, the choices were very much approved. They got a really warm welcome (it was their first ever European show!) and no wonder, as the US power/thrash veterans definitely delivered the goods! You can watch 2 clips filmed by Simone below:

It was a blast to see both bands on- and off-stage and hang out with them at our favourite summer festival. You can see some offstage photos on our Facebook page, and here are a few of the photos I took at the shows:





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