Friendly postage 'til Aug. 30th. HERETIC boxed set.

We have decided to stay in Germany for the whole August, and therefore we'll be using the great and cheap Deutsche Post services. You can take advantage of the lower shipping prices until 30th of August. It's especially convenient for all orders within Germany and all orders from outside of Europe. And in all cases it's already convenient for all orders containing more than 2 CDs. Here are some examples:

Shipping within GERMANY:

1-6 CDs = 1,50 Euro
7-26 CDs or 1-2 LPs* or 1-3 T-shirts = 2,50 Euro
More items or the above combined = 4,00 Euro

Shipping to the rest of the WORLD:

1-13 CDs or 1 LP or 1 T-shirt = 3,50 Euro
14-26 CDs or 1-2 LPs* or 1-3 T-shirts = 7,00 Euro
More items or the above combined = 16,00 Euro

*Double LP counts as 2 vinyls.

Additionally, we have stocked 10 HERETIC "From the Vault... Tortured and Broken" boxed sets containing 2 CDs ("Breaking Point" plus 4 bonus tracks and "Torture Knows No Boundary" plus 9 bonus tracks) and 1 DVD (live @ Country Club 26/12/85, live @ Jezebels 1986 and bonus video clip). You can order them from our SHOP page for  17,00 Euro only. In the case of this item, we ship it with jewel cases, sealed, and the shipping cost is only 2,50 Euro within Germany, and 3,50 Euro for the rest of the world.


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