New releases and ARKHAM WITCH T-shirts.

SACRED GATE "Tides of War", METAL LAW "Lawbreaker" (Second Edition), as well as VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 6" were released last Friday at the Keep It True festival (while the official release date for distributors is May 6th).

The new CDs can be purchased from our SHOP page. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 6", which contains mostly previously unreleased versions of the songs and also 2 exclusive, not available on any other release songs (of MELIAH RAGE and METAL LAW), and clocks at 70 minutes, costs only half of the regular CD price, but if you order it with any other CD we released, it's even cheaper: only 4,00 Euro.

SACRED GATE "Tides of War" will be soon available also for digital download through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other retailers. For the moment you can buy it only directly from our Bandcamp page as MP3 320 kbps and in lossless formats like FLAC etc. METAL LAW "Lawbreaker" (Second Edition) and "Compendium of Metal Vol. 6" are and will be available for download ONLY from our Bandcamp page.


Apart from the new CDs, we have added to our online shop ARKHAM WITCH "Legions of the Deep" T-shirts. After the Keep It True festival, where we had them at our merch table, we have only 6 T-shirts left, unfortunately available only in M and L size. See the back print and details picture here. We got more ATTACKER "Giants of Canaan" T-shirts printed as well, but after the festival we have only 13 of them left, in M, L, XL and XXL sizes. And we got a restock of the old ATTACKER CDs: "Battle at Helm's Deep" and "The Second Coming", as well as the 2 CDs recorded after the band's reunion: "Soul Taker" and "The Unknown". You can get them from us in convenient bundles, so check our SHOP page!


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