SKELATOR: new releases (CD, tape, LP) and T-shirt.

For the occasion of SKELATOR playing at the Metal Assault festival last Saturday, February 2nd (it was a killer show, by the way!), we decided to produce some merchandising for them. All the items described below have been added to our SHOP page now - and you can find them in convenient bundles to save some money.

First of all, we released "Give Me Metal or Give Me Death" on CD - as limited to 250 units digipak. This, like the tapes, is outside of our regular release schedule. It's the band's first album, recorded in 2007 and released only digitally in 2008 when they made it available for download from their website. Since it contained songs written in their early years (and first time recorded as a demo of the same title in 2003), the songs were not so representative to the band's style when we signed them - this is why at that time we decided to put out "Time of the Sword Rulers" containing 2005 and 2006 EPs as their first official label release. Still, and in spite of the very raw recording, we really enjoyed their early stuff, which was speed metal with some hints of thrash rather than epic heavy metal, though those elements were already present too. So last year we decided to release it on tape format with their first demo as a bonus. The tape is sold out since a long time and now "Give Me Metal..." sees the light of day in the form of our first limited digipak release - without the bonus songs, but instead with all lyrics. Check the page of this album for more details.


The second new SKELATOR release is "Live Chaos" cassette (pro-tape, limited to 66 copies). The band gave us a selection of live songs - fragments of their 3 shows from 2005, 2008 and 2010 recorded from the soundboard. While these recordings are not perfect (and of course there were no overdubs), they're really enjoyable and show perfectly the raw energy the band has on stage and the fun that their concerts are. There are still 25 tapes available at the moment. The track list and more info can be found on the page of this release.


The third audio release of SKELATOR is "Agents of Power" vinyl edition. We have licensed this album to Metalizer Records from Germany and they have done an excellent job. The band provided 5 bonus tracks (one previously unreleased song sung in Spanish "Guerreros de Metal", as well as 4 covers of BARON ROJO, CLOVEN HOOF, METALUCIFER and URIAH HEEP), resulting in a double LP. We have only 17 copies to sell at the moment. The track list of the vinyl edition can be found on the "Agents of Power" CD page.


Last but not least, we have made also T-shirts with the band's latest studio album "Agents of Power" artwork. They were ordered from Fine Arts Merchandising company and look just awesome! Right now we have only 10 of them left, but still available in all sizes (S, M, L, XL and XXL). See the SHOP page for the back print and details picture, and for the bundle offers!


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