New shop online!

We are still working on our new web shop, gradually adding older titles to it (it should be complete by the beginning of June), but we already put it online. It has the cart system, categories and easy search, so it's much more customer-friendly than the old one.
At the moment you can find in our new web store all of our latest CD releases:

• SKELATOR "Agents Of Power"

• SACRED GATE "When Eternity Ends"

• MORTALICUM "The Endtime Prophecy"

...and tape releases:

BATTLERAGE "Battlefield Supremacy"
SKELATOR "Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death" well as CD releases from October last year (BATTLERAGE "True Metal Victory" and OUTRAGE "Go To Hell"), all available LPs (of NOMAD SON, SKELATOR and HEATHENDOM), T-shirts, and last but not least special bundle offers including earlier releases of SKELATOR, BATTLERAGE, NOMAD SON, MORTALICUM and HEATHENDOM.

ALL remaining releases from our 2008-2011 back catalogue are currently available only from the OLD SHOP PAGE.

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