Hello Metal world!

It took a long time, hundreds of hours and many sleepless nights, but finally our new website is online!
We needed to switch to a more modern platform not only because the old page looked a bit too archaic (even for such fossils as ourselves), but updating the old one had become a real hassle.

Our old news posts are not lost though - you can view them year by year (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) from the Archive in the NEWS section.

Yeah, it's the 5th anniversary of our label right now - our first CD was released in April 2008!
Since then we've put out 30 CD releases (including 4 compilations and a reissue of one 2008 release that we had sold out), 3 LP releases (one of them exclusively on vinyl), 2 digital albums, 1 cassette and 1 book ("Keep It True Festival History Book", that was actually the first title we published in April 2008, for the 10th edition of this great German festival).

And in a few days, on April 27th (at the 15th edition of our favourite KIT fest) the 5th volume of our compilation "Compendium Of Metal" will be out together with 3 new regular CD releases and 2 cassette only releases.
We will announce the new titles this weekend and after coming back from Germany, in the first days of May, we'll announce the new bands that have joined our roster, so stay tuned!

Anyway... we hope you'll enjoy exploring our new web home and discover some great Metal treasures!

The new website is modern, but the METAL stays old school!!!

Bang your head and stay heavy!
Jowita and Simone

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