April releases.

Keep It True festival was the release date for 3 regular albums: MELIAH RAGE "Idol Hands", MELIAH RAGE "Dead to the World" (2018 Edition) and WARFIELD "Wrecking Command", and the annual compilation, VV.AA "Compendium of Metal...
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WARFIELD "Wrecking Command" album details.

April 25, 2018 By Jowita
in 2018 releases, Thrash Metal, video, Warfield
The third CD release to be out at the Keep It True festival on April 27th is WARFIELD "Wrecking Command". The debut full-length of these young thrashers from Germany contains exactly what the name promises. Tight,...
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WARFIELD joins our roster.

April 23, 2018 By Jowita
in new signings, Thrash Metal, video, Warfield
We have been craving for some proper old school thrash for a long time, rarely finding any really convincing bands in this genre. Well, the luck had it that a young German band contacted us one day, sending one of their new...
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