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MIDNIGHT PRIEST "Aggressive Hauntings" details and pre-order.

May 5, 2019 By Jowita
in 2019 releases, Heavy Metal, Midnight Priest
The 3rd album of the Portuguese heavy metal stalwarts MIDNIGHT PRIEST was originally planned for a 2018 release, but had to be delayed to this year's Keep It True festival release date as it wasn't ready in time. Unfortunately,...
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New releases, pendants and T-shirts.

Our latest CD releases, BATTLERAGE "Dreams in Darkness", ATTACKER "Armor of the Gods" and ALBERT BELL'S SACRO SANCTUS "Liber III: Codex Templarum", were out 3 weeks ago. The CDs can be ordered from our SHOP page (and many...
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ATTACKER "Armor of the Gods" EP details.

September 1, 2018 By Jowita
in 2018 releases, Attacker, Heavy Metal
Our second September release is not a typical one for us as it's an EP. While already writing songs for their 7th full-length, the US metal veterans ATTACKER decided to first offer their fans an EP featuring 4 brand new studio...
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BATTLERAGE "Dreams in Darkness" album details.

September 1, 2018 By Jowita
in 2018 releases, Battlerage, Heavy Metal
Unfortunately, like almost every year, our release schedule had to be changed due to bands being late. So we had to postpone the releases originally planned for July (MIDNIGHT PRIEST is delayed further to November). Luckily, one...
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ATTACKER "Sins of the World" album details.

November 23, 2016 By Jowita
in 2016 releases, Attacker, Heavy Metal
Last but definitely not least, we present you our 3rd new release, ATTACKER "Sins of the World", which was supposed to be out together with METAL LAW "Hellrider" and SACRED GATE "Countdown to Armageddon" at the Hammer of Doom...
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SACRED GATE "Countdown to Armageddon" details.

November 22, 2016 By Jowita
in 2016 releases, Heavy Metal, Sacred Gate
Out of the 3 planned releases we were to have at the Hammer of Doom festival on November 18th, we've got only SACRED GATE "Countdown to Armageddon" complete (thanks to ordering the discs from a different pressing plant) - see the...
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METAL LAW "Hellrider" album details.

November 22, 2016 By Jowita
in 2016 releases, Heavy Metal, Metal Law
We had planned 3 releases for Hammer of Doom festival: METAL LAW "Hellrider", SACRED GATE "Countdown to Armageddon" and ATTACKER "Sins of the World"... Unfortunately, we found out that these plans have to change in a rather...
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ARKHAM WITCH "I Am Providence" album details and pre-order.

November 19, 2015 By Jowita
in 2015 releases, Arkham Witch, Heavy Metal
The 3rd full-length of ARKHAM WITCH "I Am Providence" will be out on November 20th, at the Hammer of Doom festival, where it will be available directly from our merch stand. If one thing can be said about this album, it's that...
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Teutonic Metal merch.

September 29, 2014 By Jowita
in Black/Thrash, Heavy Metal, Metal Law, Outrage, shop
We have added to our shop 2 items: T-shirts of classic heavy metal band from Berlin, METAL LAW and LPs of blackened thrash act from Pforzheim, OUTRAGE. METAL LAW T-shirts with the iconic "Lawbreaker" artwork are available in all...
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ATTACKER in Europe.

October 23, 2013 By Jowita
in Attacker, Heavy Metal, live, video
Last month we had the pleasure to spend almost 2 weeks with the US Metal legends and our friends from ATTACKER. We were posting updates on our Facebook page (and through it on Twitter) daily, but we wanted to sum it up in one...
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