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Not even a year after the first sign of life, the German maniac from VOMIT DIVISION releases the first full-length titled "Hell in a Bottle", unleashing a black/thrash pandemonium, pushier than before, especially noticeable in the lyrics. Loaded with more ripping riffs, fresh and unpredictable songwriting, quite diverse vocals and solid guitar solos, the album takes some unexpected turns while never losing the key aggression this project inherits. It's full of demented belligerence, hurtful honesty, pure abhorrence, arrogance and a stolid FUCK OFF attitude. More black metal than MIDNIGHT, more rock'n'roll than DESASTER. If you're into these two bands as well as BATHORY, DARKTHRONE, NIFELHEIM, DESTRÖYER 666, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, AURA NOIR, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, HELLRIPPER, WHISKEY RITUAL or ZEMIAL, you can’t go wrong with this one. Sex, drugs and a kick in the guts - VOMIT DIVISION is the perfect soundtrack to fucked-up nights and fucked-up lives!


October 2020

Driven by the stolid will to make music and being frustrated by the dependency on others, Desmotes decided to conjure a new sonic entity. Despite his involvement in bands such as FIAT NOX, VOREUS and FUNERAL PROCESSION, there was a need for a new project. Focusing on being as intuitive and impulsive as possible, the objective was to release a musical tantrum, without external influences, boundaries or reconsidering, the first thought should be the final one. The name came up during a binge and was declared a perfect band name.

Several songs already existed somewhere in Desmotes' catalog, influenced by bands like Bathory, Desaster, Midnight or Whiskey Ritual. New ones were written and spontaneously recorded, thus the demo EP "Rites of Vomit" came into life, mixed by Lógos and released by Narcoleptica Productions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every upcoming gig was canceled, hence the focus was on recording again, and the mini-EP "Nuclear Lemonade" was released, honoring a local drink and including the obligatory GG Allin cover. This time mixed and mastered by VVytcher (SARGERAS).

The next idea was to record a song in the style of BESTIAL MOCKERY, which turned into a full collaboration with Bremen's infamous THE CHAINSAW DEMONS, titled "Vitriolic Execration of Hellvomit and Demonseed" paying tribute to the Swedish black metal icons, containing 5 songs and a "Marching for Hell" cover.

Still when VOMIT DIVISION had only the first EP out, Desmotes contacted Metal on Metal Records. Since the style and songwriting was exactly the label's cup of tea, they offered him a record deal. Not even a year after the first sign of life, the debut album "Hell in a Bottle" was released on October 31st, unleashing a black thrash pandemonium, full of demented aggression, hurtful honesty, some twisted moments and a big "fuck off" to everyone! VOMIT DIVISION stands for riffs, rhymes and relentless rage, the soundtrack to fucked up nights and fucked up lives.

Black/Thrash Metal

Germany (Bremen), 2019

Desmotes (vocals, guitars, bass, drums)

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"Rites of Vomit" (2019)
EP, self-released, Narcoleptica Records
"Nuclear Lemonade" (2020)
EP, self-released
"Vitriolic Execration of Hellvomit and Demonseed" (2020)
Collaboration, self-released
"Hell in a Bottle" (2020)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records