The Portuguese metal maniacs from TOXIKULL return with their 2nd full-length, following the critically acclaimed 2018 EP. They return with full force to lay down the law and show everybody what real metal is all about - even stronger, heavier, faster and more aggressive than before! 10 songs of pure evil metal, taking to the highest level the concepts of speed, heavy and thrash. There's no place for lame melodies, soft breaks or sentimental ballads all too common in today's non-offensive metal. The high-octane vocals, screaming guitar solos, killer speed riffs and a tight rhythm section will take no prisoners and destroy every soul that tries to resist the TOXIKULL's curse. It all happens in the summoning pit, and all dies in summoning pit. You can hear the sound of the sacred whip ripping off and punishing the human flesh, the prayers and the curses of the unfaithful lost souls, the blood dripping while the beast awaits... You can hear the musical form of hell. Get it if you're into JUDAS PRIEST, AGENT STEEL, RAM, MIDNIGHT PRIEST, ENFORCER, early HELLOWEEN and SCANNER, HELSTAR, EVIL INVADERS and MERCYFUL FATE!


September 2019

Officially born in 2016, TOXIKULL came from the ashes of an early "version" of the band called TOXIC ROOM. The TOXIC ROOM era endured from 2013 until 2016 and, at the beginning, it was a rock'n'roll cover band that played around the local bars and venues. After one year of playing live performances, the band decided to record their first original songs in a professional way. "Little Piece of Hell" came out in 2014, independently, and with it the band won a few national contests, such as "Voltímetro Rock" or "Finding the Way", and managed to play some gigs around Portugal. But that was not enough.

The band wanted to bury the teenage years of playing covers and small shows to something bigger. They decided to start a new band as if it was from the beginning. In 2016 TOXIKULL is born. The first line-up consisted of the founding member Lex Thunder (lead vocals, guitar, later also the vocalist of MIDNIGHT PRIEST), Antim "The Viking" (vocals, bass), Leander Sandmeier (lead guitar) and The Lorke (drums). In February 2016, the band released their first full length, "Black Sheep". The record had a touch of many genres of metal, some kind of heavy thrash'n'roll. It allowed them to play more than 60 shows in 2 years, around Portugal and Spain, in places such as SWR Barroselas, Jaen Metal Fest or Moita Metal Fest Sessions and as an opening act for bands like ANGELUS APATRIDA and DEAD LORD.

As 2016 came to an end, there were big changes awaiting the band, as Leander Sandmeier (OKKULTIST) left the band, the crazy metal maniac Michael Blade came to fill in the shoes of the lead guitarist. Meanwhile, the creative style of the band transformed itself, the songs started to come out faster and more aggressive, leaving behind the previous feel of the band.

After the "Black Sheep Tour" through the Iberian Peninsula, in late 2017, TOXIKULL entered the studio to record what would be a complete change in the core of the band, their so called "instant classic", "The Nightraiser".

In March 2018, the first edition of "The Nightraiser" was released by Mosher Records and Firecum Records, which had an amazing reception by the die-hard metal fans around the world, as well as the heavy metal press in general.

This EP consists in a relentless sonic attack that evokes the best elements that made heavy, speed and thrash metal so popular: impressive vocals, a tight rhythm section, blazing guitar solos and carefully crafted melodies.

It made TOXIKULL reach another level, it opened the doors to play in fests such as Moita Metal Fest, Comendatio Metal Fest, Palacio Metal Fest, Mosher Fest, Laurus Nobilis, Vagos Metal Fest, Skulls of Metal, as well as the opening act in a tour with the band CRYSTAL VIPER and an opening act for SKULL FIST.

In October of 2018 another line-up change happens, The Lorke (OKKULTIST) leaves the band, and the mighty Garras takes his place behind the drum kit.

In May 2019, after another Iberian Tour, they entered Demigod Recording Studios to record their upcoming album that was released by Metal on Metal Records in September 2019. And so another journey began, and they promise it won't end here!

Heavy/Speed Metal

Portugal (Cascais), 2016

Lex Thunder (vocals and guitars)
Michael Blade (guitars)
Antim "The Viking" (bass and vocals)

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"Black Sheep" (2016)
Full-length, Non Nobis Productions
"The Nightraiser" (2018)
EP, Mosher Records
"Special Edition Demo" (2018)
Demo, self-released
"Cursed and Punished" (2019)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records