The Lamp of Thoth



No, it's no laughing matter indeed since this most likely is the death rattle of THE LAMP OF THOTH. Thankfully, the fans of Simon's unmistakable brigand-like vocals and trademark songwriting still have ARKHAM WITCH, which should stem the wave of suicides this news could cause otherwise. But that's yet another matter, laughing or not. This CD combines the vinyl-only 2011 EP "No Laughing Matter" (first 7 tracks) with the Bandcamp-only 2013 demo "This Is Not Doom!" (last 4 tracks), and with this, finally at long last all TLOT recordings are available on CD. If you're into bands such as PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS, CIRITH UNGOL and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, this CD is a must. But actually anyone even remotely into Heavy Metal needs this for "An Oath Sworn on the Ashlar Stone" alone. And that's a fact.


April 2017

Around 2006, after many failed bands and projects, a dejected Mr Strange was told in no uncertain terms that he was playing in a new band with Lady Pentagram that would focus on occult themes. They called the band THE LAMP OF THOTH. An advert was placed upon the internet. Randolph Reaper answered it. They met one rainy day in the Cricketers Arms and talked about doom metal music.
'Do ye want to join mi band?' says The Overtly Melancholic Lord Strange
'Aye.' says Randolph.

Two practices or so in Randy says 'Ave gorrus a gig opening for t' Reverend Bizarre in Leeds.'
'That's champion!' says Lord Strange.
They played the gig and it went well like. A demo was released. People said 'this int bad - bit cheeky like!'. Rich Walker, a big time record producer and showbiz personality says 'I'll sign thi band and put out thi album if ye like.'
'Grand!' says The Lamp of Thoth.

The first EP "Cauldron of Witchery" was released in 2007 and the internet seemed to like it. Gigs came flooding in - some were in foreign countries where people had never heard of stan pies and drank their ale cold.

"Portents, Omens and Dooms" soon followed in 2008, a full-length album if ever I heard one, and the only album as it turned out.

More gigs followed with a lot of heavy metal type rock and roll shenanigans - some which are too outrageous and shocking to print! The Thoth now had a reputation as heavy drinkers and light thinkers (which was unfounded as Randolph had a university degree).

"The Sing as You Slay" EP followed in 2009 and the last of the songs recorded in the first sessions were spent! New songs were needed and fast!

Two years later the "No Laughing Matter" EP was released after being recorded at Full Stack Studios in 2011. But alas! Things tittered out and Randolph joined SOLSTICE, whilst Lady P. and Strange formed ARKHAM WITCH.

Then Lady P. and Strange recorded a few new songs when a session booked for ARKHAM WITCH was cancelled. "This is Not Doom!" came out in 2015 - a little nod to the glory days of the Thoth. A bit of nostalgia for the lads!

But! THE LAMP OF THOTH's good name was not yet finished being exploited! Due to effortless procrastination ARKHAM WITCH recorded two EPs of TLOT cover versions ("Get Thothed") with a third one yet to be finished. And while the band was not recording their third EP, Metal on Metal Records re-released "No Laughing Matter" and "This Is Not Doom!" on CD under the title "This Is Not a Laughing Matter". It seems like the Lamp of Thoth will not be extinguished just yet!

Doom/Heavy Metal

UK, 2006

The Overtly Melancholic Lord Strange (vocals, bass and guitars)
Lady Pentagram (drums)

The Lamp of Thoth @ Bandcamp

"I Love the Lamp" (2006)
Demo, self-released
"Cauldron of Witchery" (2007)
EP, The Miskatonic Foundation (vinyl), Eyes Like Snow (CD, 2008)
"Portents, Omens & Doom" (2008)
Full-length, The Miskatonic Foundation
"Doom-Plague-Death" (2009)
Split, Metal Supremacy
"An Oath Sworn on the Ashlar Stone" (2009)
Single, The Miskatonic Foundation
"Sing as You Slay" (2009)
EP, The Miskatonic Foundation
"Hail Britannia II" (2010)
Split, The Miskatonic Foundation
"No Laughing Matter" (2011)
EP, Buried by Time and Dust Records
"Demos 2013" (2014)
Demo, self-released (digital), Sarlacc Productions (cassette as "This Is Not Doom", 2015)
"This Is Not a Laughing Matter" (2017)
Full-length (Compilation), Metal On Metal Records