The Swedish heavyweights STONEGRIFF are here with their sophomore album to crush the skulls of the non-believers! This is Doom Metal in its purest form. The lava of molten riffs keeps on pouring and engulfing your condemned soul, while the tortured screams rise from the pits of hell to the heavens above. There seems to be no escape, but after a while, hypnotized, you don't want to leave anymore... This album sucks you in with its foreboding atmosphere, it's got this irresistible feeling, this alchemy that is able to corrupt souls and consciences. The vocals are particularly noteworthy here, from clean to raspy mid-range, to high pitched wails and screams, which add a sense of desperation. A fitting, full-bodied production rounds up this doomy goodness. If you long for true, uncontaminated traditional doom, in the vein of BLACK SABBATH, KRUX, CANDLEMASS, LAS CRUCES, IRON MAN, PENTAGRAM or SPIRITUS MORTIS, look no further: STONEGRIFF are delivering the goods!


April 2015

A long time ago in what just as well could have been a galaxy far, far away, Molde (guitar) and Grand Magnus (drums) talked about forming a band of good old solid metal. When the stars were right, many years later, the two friends took the opportunity without the slightest hesitation. Companioned by Jürgen on vocals the seed of STONEGRIFF began to jam and when Rex Nibor on bass joined the band soon thereafter, in the autumn of 2009 STONEGRIFF from Scania, Sweden, was officially formed.

In the summer of 2010 STONEGRIFF presented their first demo "Epicus Democus" containing six songs of which three were recorded the year before. Even though the demo was not well spread, it got reviewed by Sweden Rock Magazine on their website where the sound was described as heavy and dark, organic and vivid. The band also performed their first show that summer when they were booked to play at a yearly biker party.

In late 2010 and early 2011 Rex Nibor and Jürgen left the band to pursue other priorities. Mr. Roger M. was recruited to replace Rex on the bass and soon after Jam was recruited as the new vocalist. In the spring a second demo "For Madmen Only" was recorded. The demo was well received and got among other good reviews a 9/10 on

The highlight of the year was when the band supported Danava and Lecherous Gaze on a gig at Perrong 23. As the band progressed in a more doomy direction Jam left the band late 2011 after having been the band's singer for merely a year. The other members however were determined to keep the band alive and Jacob, a singer with a wide vocal range and high pitched expressive screams joined. The sound changed with Jacob's vocal strength and the more diabolic aspects of the band became stronger. At this time Mr. Roger M. also left the band and STONEGRIFF's former bass player Rex Nibor returned. STONEGRIFF, although blessed to have worked with great people, now have a lineup with the same goals and true dedication to the more doomy aspects of metal.

In the spring of 2012 a new demo EP "III" was recorded during a weekend in Malmö, still with the organic vibe that is significant for the STONEGRIFF sound but this time with a new level of darkness. The demo was in general well received by critics and got a 9/10 in Doom Metal Front Magazine and was placed on the monthly updated Best Right Now spot on Now with a new strong lineup STONEGRIFF was once again ready for the stage and the premiere gig was at the legendary Summer Fest Festival (Sommarfesten), Sweden's oldest music festival in existence. A few months later STONEGRIFF performed a great show at the famous bar The Brass Horn in Malmö.

The demo "III" did not only got STONEGRIFF a good response from critics and metal heads but also several propositions from the record industry. Labeled by critics and websites as an epic doom band of the old school variety and with the ambition to keep it true STONEGRIFF decided to sign with Metal On Metal Records in the beginning of 2013.

The band's debut album "Prologus Magicus" was finalized in April 2013 and released on August 30th. STONEGRIFF follows in the Doom Metal forefathers' footsteps, embracing the vivid and organic '70s sound, and keeping things straightforward and HEAVY!

Traditional Doom Metal

Sweden (Skåne), 2009

Jacob (vocals)
Molde (guitars)
Rex Nibor (bass)
Grand Magnus (drums)

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MOMR13043_Stonegriff_Prologus_MagicusDoom has many faces... Traditional doom metal is not the most popular subgenre, and there are rather few bands that play this purest style of the heaviest music with such class and balls as the Swedes from STONEGRIFF do. Their debut brings crushing riffs to die for, and vocals with a wide rage and so much charisma that is really rare nowadays... just listen to these expressive screams! The album has a vintage '70s influenced sound, a sound that is both heavy and dark, organic and vivid. Their music is relatively simple and therefore effective - this band gets straight to the point without diluting their impact with any prog meanderings. STONEGRIFF could probably be best compared to KRUX, while it's rather obvious that their main influence are the forefathers of the genre, BLACK SABBATH. And we can bet the fans of TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM, CANDLEMASS, NOMAD SON, SPIRITUS MORTIS and LAS CRUCES will dig them too.
August 2013

"Epicus Democus" (2010)
Demo, self-released
"For Madmen Only" (2011)
Demo, self-released
"III" (2012)
EP, self-released
"In Doom We Trust" (2012)
Demo (cassette), self-released
"Prologus Magicus" (2013)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records
"Come Taste the Blood" (2015)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records