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Enthusiasts of all things doomy, weird and Lovecraftian... rejoice! The new album from Portland, Oregon's Victorian cultists SPACE GOD RITUAL is the perfect offering to the Ancient Ones, and they are pleased! "The Unknown Wants You Dead!" sees the trio take their proto-doom style and bring it to a whole new level of theatricality and heaviness. Their sound is familiar, but also very different mostly thanks to the orchestrations that wouldn't be out of place on an old horror movie soundtrack, courtesy of the band's sole instrumentalist, Mr Glamour. The vocals also contribute to their eerie and unique style. The main vocalist, Olaff, has a classic heavy metal voice, yet sounds quite quirky, often resembling Simon from ARKHAM WITCH, while second vocalist, known only as The Owl, is responsible for orations and sounds completely demented. They tell their eldritch tales of the macabre in a vaudevillian style. It's a real treat for all those who love their doom with a twist and with a ghoulish atmosphere. Fans of THE LAMP OF THOTH, ARKHAM WITCH, PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH, HELL, LUCIFER'S FALL or BRITON RITES can't go wrong with it.


July 2019

Since time immemorial it has been known to the secret orders that the Ancient Ones speak through chosen vessels. Who are the eldritch speakers known as SPACE GOD RITUAL? What are their sinister aims? The arcane histories were thought destroyed, yet here the truth of their origins may be found!

It was in a mist shrouded town outside of Portland, Oregon, in the year 2010 that the Ancient Ones first imposed their will. SPACE GOD RITUAL was formed by the one known as Lee Waldron. The love of all things heavy metal, horror and Lovecraftian brought the aspiring musician to begin writing songs. With the aid of his friends Josh Northcutt and Brendan Butler, now known as Johan Sebastian Glamour, the motley troupe began their sordid love affair with Doom Metal and drunkenly wrote several semi-formed compositions.

From this strange union came the demo recording "From Beyond the Beyond", following which the trio played a live show at the now long shuttered but legendary Satyricon venue in Portland, Oregon, and then disbanded. The Ancient Ones however, had other plans. A year later Waldron and Glamour reunited and recorded another collection of demo songs entitled "Pay the Price", and released it in the winter of 2011.

At this time, a strange hermit like being known as Lord Donangato Resurrected joined the group. The new triad soon became a quadrupedal beast with the addition of Alexander Olaff on bass guitar. The group played a few fruitless shows that led them nowhere. Eventually Olaff and Donangato went off to pursue new projects. Despite the loss of two members, Waldron and Glamour recorded and released what would be SPACE GOD RITUAL's first full length opus "R'lyeh Beckons" in 2013. Unsatisfied with the resulting fruits of his labor, Glamour quickly began writing what he would consider the first true SPACE GOD RITUAL album: "Eldritch Tales".

With the production of "Eldritch Tales" nearing completion, it became clear to Glamour that SPACE GOD RITUAL was meant for a grander scope. Waldron and Glamour parted ways due to their difference in dedication to the Ancient Ones. Waldron was to contribute lyrically in the following offering but ceased to be a regular member. With "Eldritch Tales" complete but without a voice, Glamour contacted Alexander Olaff, whose unusual vocal delivery would shape what SPACE GOD RITUAL would later become. "Eldritch Tales" was released in October 2013 and garnered them a fair deal of recognition including a track in Metal Hammer magazine and a vinyl release by Bilocation Records in Germany.

Glamour now had a taste for what lurked beyond the gate. With the cold winds and heavy mists of autumn in the air, the duo began work on their next album: "From Void to Ocean". Orchestrating a haunting cacophony of riffs and keys, Glamour took the helm as the band's creative head, while Olaff lent his voice and poetry to horrific effect. Needing stronger lead guitars, Lord Donangato Resurrected was asked to lend his skills to the album, while Waldron was brought in for rhythm guitar duties and one Jerad Ryyken of Chronoclops was asked to fill in on bass. "From Void to Ocean" was completed at The Book House in the winter of 2014 and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon.

In early 2015, Glamour and Olaff began work on their first original concept album. Granted with visions of dark futures and horrendous friends, the duo began to write and record. "Tentagram" came into fruition. This album was graced with the vocal harmonies of Leviticus Neptune of the band Time Rift and introduced The Owl, who also contributed much vocally. Fully mixed and mastered by Johan Sebastian Glamour, the group self pressed and released the jewel of their hideous efforts in the spring of 2016.

The toll of the "Tentagram" was great on Glamour however, and it was thought that a long hiatus may be in order. Those from beyond had other plans. For not but a few months later, Glamour had a flood of inspiration! It was then the Dhole like dweller concocted another symphony of eldritch horror and birthed "The Unknown Wants You Dead!". Crafted once again in The Book House, the group's private occult villa, the new trio: Johan Sebastian Glamour, Alexander Olaff and the strange and sinister scholar The Owl used their triptych summoning to present yet again another offering in 2019. "The Unknown Wants You Dead!" saw the trio take their style and bring it to a whole new echelon of theatricality and heaviness.

This album of eleven horrific hymns could not be ignored! It was soon after its release that Metal on Metal Records took notice of the strange beast known as SPACE GOD RITUAL and their phantasmagoric creations and decided to add them to their roster of heavy metal masters! It is in the summer of 2019 that through the band SPACE GOD RITUAL the Ancient Ones will spread their influence, for Metal on Metal Records has seen fit to release "The Unknown Wants You Dead!" on CD and digital platforms for all to hear! Are Metal on Metal in league with the Ancient Ones? Do they simply see SPACE GOD RITUAL as simply a band? Where will the future lead? Shall the Ancient Ones continue to hold the SPACE GOD RITUAL in its favour?
Time will tell...

Doom Metal

USA (Portland, OR), 2010

Alexander Olaff (vocals)
Johan Sebastian Glamour (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and backing vocals)
The Owl (additional vocals)

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"From Beyond the Beyond" (2010)
EP, Morose Music Inc.
"Pay the Price" (2011)
Demo, Morose Music Inc.
"R'lyeh Beckons" (2013)
Full-length, Torn Flesh Records
"Eldritch Tales" (2013)
Full-length, Torn Flesh Records
"From Void to Ocean" (2014)
Full-length, self-released
"Tentagram" (2016)
Full-length, self-released
"The Unknown Wants You Dead!" (2019)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records