"Chapter One" is the debut album by the southwestern German doomsters SHAYTAN, though technically it's not their first release because the band was previously known as DEMON INCARNATE and have three full-lengths and one EP to their credit. However, with a recent line-up change, most notably the addition of the talented vocalist Julian who replaced their former female singer, they decided to make a fresh start with a new name. And one can certainly hear that the guys are not newbies. They deliver raw, no-bullshit traditional doom metal, dwelling mostly in mid tempos with occasional slowdowns and accelerations. With the appropriate dirt under their fingernails, they have created a sound foundation that draws from the primordial sludge of the genre pioneers like BLACK SABBATH and PENTAGRAM, but mostly '80s and '90s doom of legendary acts like TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, SOLITUDE AETURNUS and THE OBSESSED, while also displaying strong similarities to newer purveyors of the genre, particularly NOMAD SON, KRUX, GRIEF COLLECTOR and FAMYNE. Their riffs are heavy and the songs are replete with captivating choruses, often supplemented with oriental influences. There is not a single dull moment on this album, and at a mere 34 minutes, it doesn't overstay its welcome. The warm production rounds it up perfectly, resulting in a most pleasant listening experience.


December 2023

The beginnings of SHAYTAN lie in DEMON INCARNATE, a band formed in Saarland, Southwestern Germany, in 2010. Three albums and an EP were released under this moniker through FDA Records and Metalville, and the band got multiple live shows under their belt, including smaller tours and appearances at festivals such as Doom Shall Rise, Stoned from the Underground or Skullcrusher Fest.

A pivotal moment arrived in late 2022 when Julian Küster joined as the new vocalist, replacing DEMON INCARNATE's female singer. This marked a new era for the band, prompting them to rebrand as SHAYTAN in order to do justice to the newfound dynamic.

Stylistically, the band continues along the path of traditional doom metal, drawing inspiration mostly from the genre pioneers BLACK SABBATH and PENTAGRAM as well as the '80s and '90s doom giants like TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, THE OBSESSED and SOLITUDE AETURNUS, and infusing their music with oriental influences.

After an intensive three-month pre-production phase at Studio Greywolf under the guidance of Charles Greywolf, SHAYTAN's debut album "Chapter One" was recorded in the spring/summer of 2023. The band's line-up features DEMON INCARNATE founder and guitarist Jan Paul (THE LAST SUPPER), their last drummer Kai Schneider, as well as new members: vocalist Julian Küster (GRIEF COLLECTOR, TRIDENTIFIER and BLACK EDEN) and guitarist Jochen Klose (formerly of NO HOPE, BLOODCRAVING and IMPENDING DREAD) who also handled bass duties on the album. Completing the line-up is bassist Thorsten Jacob, who joined the band post-recording.

In autumn 2023, SHAYTAN entered into a partnership with Metal on Metal Records, a label that shares a mutual philosophy and the same passion for old school heavy sounds. The band is looking forward to presenting the new songs live after the release of "Chapter One", slated for December 15th. A solid dose of traditional doom is on the way to crush your skulls!

Doom Metal

Germany (Saarlouis), 2022

Julian Küster (vocals and organ)
Jan Paul (guitars)
Jochen Klose (guitars)
Thorsten Jacob (bass)
Kai Schneider (drums)

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• "Chapter One" (2023)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records