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Once in a blue moon you come across a band that just escapes clear labelling and breaks out of most of the formulas out there. We've been really struggling to pinpoint the style, find comparisons and give an accurate description of SACRAL NIGHT's music. With the loss of the singer from the EP, the King Diamond similarities have diminished, but the sinister feeling and sense of the macabre have become even stronger. The vocal duties are now performed by the band's leader and bassist, Amphycion, who sang in his previous heavy metal band SANCTUAIRE - it's a passionate performance and there's a touch of melancholy in his voice. He's also known for having played in death/black band NECROWRETCH, and musically, SACRAL NIGHT sometimes dwell more in the death/black metal realm. There's tremolo style guitar picking, some disharmonic chords and blast beats, and one thing worth noting is the great, organic sounding drum work. All in all, an intense, unique and personal sounding debut album. Descend into the darkest catacombs, descend into madness... and let the heavy metal blackness embrace you. Check it out if you're into any of these bands: SANCTUAIRE (Fra.), ATTIC, BEWITCHED (Chl.), SATAN'S HOST, HEATHENDOM, IN SOLITUDE, DISSECTION, (early) DEATH, TRIBULATION and DEATH SS.


May 2019

SACRAL NIGHT was spewed forth in 2014 by Amphycion (SANCTUAIRE, ex-NECROWRETCH, ex-ELVENSTORM, ex-ALDAARON), when, after the NECROWRETCH years, he decided start a heavy metal band bathed in darkness to let his blackest imagination express itself to bring you into a world of putrefaction, death procession and sectarianism in medieval horror. He was joined by Antoine Volat (ELECTRIC SHOCK, SILVER WIND) on vocals, Mick Hellström (ELVENSTORM, LONEWOLF) on guitars and Mörkk (SANCTUAIRE, ALDAARON, ORDALIE, NECROWRETCH - session) on drums.

In the winter of 2016/2017, this collaboration recorded the songs for a future EP. "Darkness Process", their first curse, was unleashed upon mankind in November 2017 through Infernö Records, and represents the unveiling and exploration of the darkest depths of gothic horror. SACRAL NIGHT started being considered by many fans and critics as one of the most promising French bands.

The EP was preceded by the first gig they played in June 2017 together with the Finnish band RANGER. After that show, Amphycion and Antoine decided to continue the blackness procession and work on the first album, even more macabre and oppressive.

In January 2018, Vincent Roubière (SILVER MACHINE, REVERENCE, FALL OF SERAPHS, KILLERS - live, and many others) rejoined on drums for live performances, Marc Crapud (ASTAROTH, ex-AORLHAC) joined on guitars replacing Mick, and Laurent Buk (ELECTRIC SHOCK), present already since the first show in June 2017, continued with the lead guitar for the band.

In May 2018, SACRAL NIGHT played at the Courts of Chaos festival in France, sharing the stage with MANILLA ROAD, AURA NOIR, PRAYING MANTIS, SARACEN, PICTURE and many others. The same month they played at Metal Invasion in Paris, in June with ANAL VOMIT in Chambery, in September with NOCTURNAL in Lyon, in October at No Compromise Metal Fest with DENIAL OF GOD, TURBOCHARGED, RUST, TYRANT'S KALL, VULTURE'S VENGEANCE, HELLRIPPER and others in Belgium, and with MYSTIFIER in Chambery later that month.

In April 2018, the band inked a deal with Metal on Metal Records, who already expressed their interest the year before. Their full-length album was originally planned for a 2018 release, but had to be delayed as the recording process took longer than expected.

In October 2018, they played Dark Breath Fest with ADX, NO RETURN, CARCARIASS among others, and in November at Hard Saturday Heavy Fever in Lyon with MIDNIGHT PRIEST, BLIZZEN, ELECTRIC SHOCK, STONEWITCH and others, playing a special show featuring several SANCTUAIRE songs. This was also the last show with Antoine on vocals - they parted ways soon after it, and Amphycion took over the vocal duties, continuing the recording.

The debut album entitled "Ancient Remains" was finally released in May 2019. As the mastermind behind the band said, it's "a plunge into the medieval horror of yesteryear... the murderous coldness of a secret conspiracy". They stand at the crossroads of very dark heavy metal and rather raw black metal with some death metal palpable here and there. A very unique and personal album for sure.

Dark Heavy Metal

France (Grenoble), 2014

Amphycion (vocals and bass)
Marc Crapud (guitars)
Laurent Buk (guitars)
Mörkk (drums)

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"Darkness Process" (2017)
EP, Infernö Records
"Ancient Remains" (2019)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records