Midnight Priest



The Portuguese heavy metal stalwarts are back with their 3rd album. And what an album it is! It's not just in the title - it's definitely more aggressive than its predecessor from 5 years ago. We're confident that the darker, heavier and more evil heavy metal style, going back a bit to their own beginnings, will be a welcome change for many fans. It sounds very classic and fresh at the same time. They take you on a short but thrilling tour through the haunted house they've built here, where the spirit of a certain metal king is omnipresent, and the metal gods are watching from above. Quite a few bands tried it in the past, most of them with great results, but one thing's for sure: MIDNIGHT PRIEST don't need any gimmicks to prop up their music. It's a true feast of pulsating rhythms, erupting guitars with tasteful solos and screaming vocals that will pierce your eardrums like a dagger and cut deep through your heart. If you're into JUDAS PRIEST, MERCYFUL FATE, RAM, TRIAL (Swe.), PORTRAIT, WOLF, ENFORCER, STEELWING and the like, you will not want to miss this slab of pure and evil heavy metal!


May 2019

MIDNIGHT PRIEST was born 2008 in Lisbon. The first line-up consisted of Iron Fist (currently also in ALKATEYA) on guitars, Alex "War Tank" (currently also in RAVENSIRE) on drums, Joe "Murderface" Dalton on bass, Rod "The Mystical" Wolf on guitars and The Priest on vocals.

The band played live for the first time on the 13th of September of that year, a night to be immortalized by the song "Sábado Negro", featured later on their debut album. They were making history as the first Portuguese heavy metal band to play a punk festival in Portugal, and the first band singing in Portuguese at Wacken Open Air festival three years later, in 2012.

They put out their first demo tape "The Priest Is Back" through Herege Warfare Productions in 2009. The same year the EP entitled "Rainha da Magia Negra" was released by Stormspell Records that released also their self-titled debut full-length in 2011 (out the same year on vinyl on A Forja). The album saw the change on the guitarist position: Nasty Nightmare replaced Rod Wolf.

Following a stream of tours around Europe (including several festivals like Up the Hammers special edition in October 2012, and in 2013: Santa Maria Summer Fest, Headbangers Open Air and Mosh Fest among others) and the departure of their charismatic frontman The Priest in 2013, they released a 3-track demo tape "Hellbreaker - Demo XXIV" and then their second album "Midnight Steel", introducing the high pitch extravaganza of Lex Thunder (TOXIKULL), together with lyrics in English, and the evil twin genius of Steel Bringer (INQUISITOR, DISTHRONE, BOOZE ABUSER) on guitar. The album was published on CD by Slaney Records and on vinyl by Anger of Metal in 2014.

In May and June 2015 they went on "Midnight Steel" tour with 17 dates in Europe, starting with SWR Metal Fest, and in July 2016 they went rogue going on the legendary "No Way Out of Hell Tour", driving across 10 European countries and playing 25 sold out shows in 31 days. Apart from playing many single gigs, in 2017 the band participated in Metal Keeper festival, ADM Metal Fest and Moita Metal Fest, and in 2018 in Mosher Fest, Hard Saturday Heavy Fever in Lyon, France, and Assembleia do Metal.

In late 2017 Metal on Metal Records approached MIDNIGHT PRIEST for the release of their upcoming third full-length, the agreement was reached, but unfortunately the album wasn't ready in time for the originally planned 2018 release date. But as they say, good things come to those who wait, and "Aggressive Hauntings" was finally out in early May 2019, with songs that range from the sheer deliverance of mid-paced anthems, to the iron pounding, breakneck speed galore of the good old in your face heavy metal. Soon before the album's release, the band officially announced Speedfaias Axecrazy (ROÄDSCÜM) as their new bass player, although he had already played with them live in the autumn of 2018.

Heavy Metal

Portugal (Lisbon), 2008

Lex Thunder (vocals)
Iron Fist (guitars)
Steel Bringer (guitars)
Speedfaias Axecrazy (bass)
Alex "War Tank" (drums)

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"The Priest Is Back" (2009)
Demo (cassette), Herege Warfare Productions
"Rainha da Magia Negra" (2009)
EP, Stormspell Records
"Midnight Priest" (2011)
Full-length, Stormspell Records
"Hellbreaker - Demo XXIV" (2014)
Demo (cassette), self-released
"Midnight Steel" (2014)
Full-length, Slaney Records (CD), Anger of Metal Records (vinyl)
"Last" (2016)
Split, Chaosphere Recordings (CD), Non Nobis Productions (vinyl)
"Aggressive Hauntings" (2019)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records