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Seattle's MIDNIGHT IDÖLS bring back the early '80s metal vibe, giving a convincing take on the classic NWOBHM sound with energetic songs, charismatic vocals, twin guitar assault and tons of attitude. Paul Di'Anno's era MAIDEN, PRIEST, SAXON, GRIM REAPER or TANK influences have always been there, but Idols' 3rd album is their heaviest, darkest and most aggressive release that also evokes early MERCYFUL FATE's spirit and adds PILEDRIVER's filth. This is high-octane Heavy Metal in its fist-pumping, foul-mouthed, denim & leather-clad glory!
June 2009

MIDNIGHT IDÖLS came together in 2004, rising out of the ashes of several Northwest US bands. Vocalist Chris “Diamond C.” Tretton, bassist Scotty "Wrench" Jak and drummer Scott Smiley all found themselves available simultaneously. At the same time, guitarist Todd “Thermo” Ferkingstad was growing tired of recording bands and writing riffs in his home studio. It wasn't long before the four were playing together, working up a set of original NWOBHM style songs. Enter stunt-guitarist Fred Speakman (ZERO DOWN, among too many projects to name) and it was not too long before the Idöls were playing out and growing a reputation as a “must-see” act.

The band recorded “We Rule The Night” in Thermo’s home studio in 2005, and sent off hundreds of copies to zines, indie labels and traders. The band found itself losing 2 members about the same time. Speakman left because his primary band ZERO DOWN was starting to experience some success and required him fulltime. It was at this time that Wrench also decided to depart. With enthusiastic global response to the mailings, the band acted fast in recruiting longtime friends, and formidable players, bassist Theo Kappel and guitarist Russ “Rizz” Stefanovich (BITTER END). With new permanent members in place at these key positions, the band stepped it up a notch.

Their next release was co-produced by the legendary Kurt Bloch (Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Zeke...) and recorded at Chroma Sound Seattle, WA. For a format, the decision was made to go with 2” analog in order to produce a product consistent with their NWOBHM predecessors. The resulting recordings were released as “Nightrulers” in early 2008. Like the band’s debut, “Nightrulers” was well received globally, selling primarily in Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Greece and other metal-friendly markets.

By mid-summer 2008, the band had a number of songs worked up that they felt very strongly about. These were darker and a bit heavier than their earlier efforts. The Idöls decided to record them while their 2nd effort was still hot. The thinking was to make a release quality demo and shop it. If nothing happened, they would release it themselves as they had twice before. They produced it themselves, pressed a short-run of only 100 copies, shopped it and distributed to friends and local radio stations. The track “Sworn To The Night” was featured on Seattle’s KISW 99.9 FM’s Cockfights and garnered 4 victories. The demo attracted the interest of labels, giving the Idöls the options they sought. Metal On Metal Records was impressed by it and offered them a deal.

Meanwhile, in fall 2008, the band started to work on their 3rd record, which was finished in May 2009, mixed by Evan Schiller at Zulu Studios Seattle, WA, and mastered by Kurt Bloch (Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Zeke...). "Sworn To The Night", out in June 2009 on Metal On Metal Records, is definitely their heaviest, darkest and most aggressive effort yet, bursting out with unrelenting energy, hard-rocking, ass-kicking, proud pounding metal assault that will take you back to the heyday of NWOBHM with its vibrant, live sound. So if you dig straight up catchy, classic heavy metal played with guts and balls, you need to check it out!

Heavy Metal/NWOBHM

USA (Seattle, WA), 2004

Chris "Diamond C." Tretton (vocals)
Kurt Kilfelt (guitars)
Marcus Karkass (guitars)
Theo Kappel (bass)
Scott Smiley (drums)

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"We Rule The Night" (2006)
Full-length, self-released
"Nightrulers" (2008)
Full-length, self-released
"Sworn To The Night" (2009)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records