The purveyors of crude and ugly black thrash are back with their third attack, even faster and more violent than the last time around. Vulgar and mean, KÖMMAND come with their "Stubborn Arsenal" and proudly brandish the standards of old. Bulldozing and smashing the uninitiated with their merciless riffcraft and analogue warheads, melting away the false with their nuclear speed and string-shaking wargrind. With hate-filled filthvomits spitting venom while spiting religion and authority, they leave no doubt they serve no gods and no masters. They're worshipping only the true metal gods and masters, speedböözing to hell and back with their disciples, removing posers on the way. So if names like AURA NOIR, HELLHAMMER, early CELTIC FROST, OUTRAGE (Ger.), DARKTHRONE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, MIDNIGHT, NIFELHEIM, INFERNÖ, NOCTURNAL BREED, BEWITCHED, DESASTER or early KREATOR and DESTRUCTION make your heart pump faster, join the ride!


November 2021

KÖMMAND took shape in December 2013 as a solo project of Kömmander Z to fill certain voids, antagonize "safe" metal, and worship at the altar of ANCIENT HEAVY METAL.

Inspiration came easy, Z having been fully immersed in study of the OLD WAYS, and in just a few weeks, enough songs were written to record a demo with Z playing everything.

Songs at the ready, the focus shifted to unearthing like-minded individuals for live attacks. Guldrelokk was enlisted on drums, yet the situation at bass remained obscure. In February 2016, Carnage was added on bass, yet Guldrelokk parted ways.

By this time, a full-length album had been written and waiting for months, and in August the salvo could not be held back and recording began on the first full-length, with Z handling drums. "Nekrö Kömmandö Attack!" was completed in winter 2016/2017 and self-released.

Exhumer was enlisted on drums in November 2016, yet missed recording. The congregation of Kömmander Z, Carnage and Exhumer proved fruitful, and live onslaughts commenced in force and songwriting flowed like blood. From November 2018 to February 2019, recording was completed on the second full-length album "Savage Overkill".

KÖMMAND has been honored to share the stage with GHOUL, THOR, BARBARIAN, ANTICHRIST, WHIPSTRIKER, MORTA SKULD, CASTLE, AGGRESSION, COVEN 6669, WITCHAVEN, BEWITCHER, ROADRASH, OXYGEN DESTROYER, and many more, and the "Occidental Assault" West Coast tour saw KÖMMAND lay waste to new cities in summer of 2018.

2019 saw KÖMMAND participate in the inaugural "Anöther Perfect Day" festival in Vancouver, Canada, lay waste to Idaho and Utah with OXYGEN DESTROYER, and will see them fire a new barrage upon the West Coast with another summer tour, right after the new album's release.

In spring anno ebrius 2019, KÖMMAND agreed to terms with Metal on Metal Records. A label of quality that truly knows and respects ancient metal sounds. The new album "Savage Overkill" was out late July. Overflowing with stubborn, atonal riffs, snotty vocals and real drum sound, this album should satisfy all who worship the old ways. KÖMMAND plays pure ancient black/thrash in the OLD WAYS 'til death.

Black/Thrash Metal

USA (Seattle, WA), 2013

Kömmander Z (vocals and guitars)
Destrukutor (guitars)
Carnage (bass)
Bael'Zharon (drums)

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Sometimes it's enough to look at the cover art, logo and band photo to know exactly what to expect. Add to this an album title like "Savage Overkill" and all is perfectly clear. KÖMMAND from Seattle play raw and uncompromising black/thrash in the old ways - the only right ways. The constant onslaught of atonal riffs and real drums is what it's all about. Awesomely ugly, gritty and snotty vocals interspersed with eardrums-piercing speed metal screams and just enough of "UGHs" are guaranteed to make any real old school metalhead grin in delight. The attitude seeps and pure filth spreads around with every note on this album. It's bound to rip some heads off and send wimps home crying! These US kömmandos stand for stubborn, ancient sounds and keeping metal dangerous and unwanted, just as it was meant to be, while sending a big "fuck off" to all the safe and sterile bands out there. They worship at the altar of DARKTHRONE, BATHORY, AURA NOIR, INFERNÖ, BEWITCHED and NOCTURNAL BREED, being boozebrothers in arms with BARBARIAN, BUNKER 66, SARKE, RUST, OMEGA and the like.
July 2019

"Summer Demo 2015" (2015)
Demo, self-released
"Nekrö Kömmandö Attack!" (2017)
Full-length, self-released
"Savage Overkill" (2019)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records
"Stubborn Arsenal" (2021)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records