These young and wild Italian maniacs will take you on a fun ride back in time to the early/mid '80s with their relentless and furious speed/thrash metal attack! "Till Death and After" is the 2nd album of HI-GH and it perfectly shows their unrestrained energy with punk influences and attitude. Their style is raw and gritty, but at the same time more than just competent technically... the melodic and flashy solos are the best proof! On this album the classic heavy metal influences are more audible, while the previously present psychedelic elements practically disappeared. It's totally old school, but still it sounds fresh and definitely very personal, making this album a true joy to listen to, as you can feel their passion, enthusiasm and dedication. HI-GH are the living embodiment of the old spirit of metal, and fans of MÖTORHEAD, EXCITER, JUDAS PRIEST, early METALLICA, early SLAYER, TANK, INEPSY, MIDNIGHT and G.B.H. are in for a real treat here!


November 2014

HI-GH was formed in Rome in early 2012 by Tommaso "Slowly" Cenci (bass and lead vocals) and Ovidio "Smyley" Preja (drums and vocals), who both played in a thrash/black act HASTIGHED. Their idea was to start a speed metal band with thrash and punk influences. They soon talked about their plan to Marco "Psyki" Stamigna (guitar and vocals), who at that time was playing in another thrash band from Rome, REAKTOR. First they started to play covers of EXCITER, VENOM and TANK, and the chemistry was there, so Psyki soon joined the band. After some rehearsals, the three members began to write their own songs, like "Freeway Madness" and "You're Going Down". The next compositions were more complex and technical, and they decided they need another guitar to make these tracks alive, so Psyki called his friend Marco "RedEyes" Vitellone (guitar), who was playing with HYBRID FEAR. RedEyes agreed to try with them, and after a destructive night of weed and booze, satisfied, joined the band. HI-GH started to forge ahead like a well-oiled machine, and in a matter of a few weeks became an unstoppable force, ready to complete the songs for the first album, drawing their inspiration from '80s movies and the band's daily life.

One day, Psyki received a call from the owner of the rehearsal room, offering the band to play in "Alvarado Street" pub. After this first successful concert, they decided to record a demo EP "Loud Frequences on Planet Jupiter" which consisted of 5 tracks: "Freeway Madness", "You're Going Down", "501st Legion", "HI-GH", and the cover of Rolling Stones "Jumpin' Jack Flash". The artwork was designed by Peppe Simmons from BUNKER 66, and the EP saw the light of day in May 2012.

After the band released their first EP, they started promoting it playing live in and around Rome. In the meantime, they began to write new songs, like "Zig Zag Shaped", which deals with some bad marijuana trips, the blasting "Unleash the Beast" (inspired by Wolverine comic book), the rock-and-rollish Led Zeppelin inspired "Let Me Know" or "Faster! Faster! Faster!", released later also as a single and featuring a solo by Maurizio "Angus" Bidoli (FINGERNAILS). The songs reflected the band members' love for not only '80s speed and thrash metal, but also of classic rock'n'roll, punk, and '60s and '70s psychedelia, which makes their style quite unique and personal. The psychedelic influences were most obvious in the 12-minute track "Mind's War and Peace", and the band decided to put one such song at the end of every album. Eventually they had a total of 12 songs for their debut album ready to go. On the 15th of January 2013, the band enthusiastically entered the Panic! Studios in Rome to start the recording.

"Night Dances" was released on the 5th of April 2013, through L.A. Riot Survivor Records owned by Anthony Drago, the lead singer of FINGERNAILS. The album "release party" gig was at the L.A. Riot Survivor Fest in Rome and in Prato, where they shared the stage with VIOLENTOR, EVIL INVADERS and FINGERNAILS. HI-GH started touring more and more in Italy (The Raw Machine of Loudness tour), gaining respect and following in the underground scene. On July 6th, they played at the Run to the Hills open air festival, sharing stage with bands like SABOTAGE, LAST REBELS, CENTVRION or HATRED, and on August 3rd, participated in Blue Rose Thrash Fest together with ENDOVEIN, MAD MAZE and others. 2014 started for HI-GH with 2 shows in the north of Italy, alongside SIGN OF THE JACKAL, RULER, LAST REBELS, TURBO REXX, BRAIN DEAD and REJECTED. In February Ovidio "Smyley" had to leave the band because of moving away from Italy, and an old friend of the band Tito "Oki" took his place behind the drum kit.

In the meantime, the band kept on working on the songs for their second album. Having contacted Metal On Metal Records earlier in 2013 and finally meeting the label owners resulted in HI-GH signing a new deal in January 2014. The band's uncompromising old school speed metal as well as their attitude, full of enthusiasm and dedication, convinced the label it's the right band to work with and support. The sophomore album entitled "Till Death and After" was recorded and mixed between April and July in Panic! Studios, and released on November 14th, 2014.

Even though years have passed, even though generations have changed, even though rock'n'roll is not the same as it used to be, HI-GH will stand, fight, sweat and play... till the end!

Speed/Thrash Metal

Italy (Rome), 2012

Tommaso Slowly (vocals and bass)
Marco Psyki (guitars and backing vocals)
Marco RedEyes (guitars)
El Tito Oki (drums and backing vocals)

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"Loud Frequences on Planet Jupiter"(2012)
EP, self-released
"Night Dances" (2013)
Full-length, L.A. Riot Survivor Records
"Till Death and After" (2014)
Full-length, Metal on Metal Records