HEATHENDOM didn't rest on laurels, but pushed the envelope even further. The Greeks shed doom elements almost completely, instead concentrating on intense and dark power metal stemming from the US and Scandinavian school (SANCTUARY, NEVERMORE, MEMORY GARDEN, MORGANA LEFAY...), but on their 2nd full-length they venture into the technical thrash (ANNIHILATOR, HEXENHAUS) and even further into the movie soundtrack territories, incorporating classical instrumentation into their intricate arrangements. Not only the vocalist, who often sounds slightly deranged, reminds of the king of horror metal, but the spirit of KING DIAMOND works hovers over this music. Perfect production boosts this unique metal gem, highlighting every single instrument.
February 2011

HEATHENDOM was founded by Lefteris Vourliotis (lead guitar) and Michail Vlavianos (rhythm guitar) back in 1998. The concept of the band was power/doom metal with a strong mixture of KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE style. In September 1998 Yiannis Fillipaios (drums, member of DECEMBERANCE) and Yiannis Moraitis (bass, member of SAVANON and ex-member of CHOIR MACABRE and DECEMBERANCE) joined the band. Songs composing and rehearsals followed for a year, until the band decided to split because no appropriate singer could be found at the time.

In September 2000 Vourliotis met with Dimitris Koutsouvelis (vocals, ex-member of FADED MEMORY) and they started working on some material but various obligations prevented the group from reforming, till September 2004. Moraitis was called once again to fill in the bass position and drums post was taken on by Dimitris Sakkas.

In June 2005 the band released their first demo, "Heathendom", containing 5 songs plus an intro of seer power/doom music (over 33 minutes) that was accepted with great enthusiasm in the underground scene.

After the change on the drummer's position (George Tsinanis replaced Dimitris Sakkas), HEATHENDOM played their first show in 2006, supporting SOLITUDE AETURNUS in Athens. Meanwhile HEATHENDOM was forging new songs.

The band had caught attention of Metal On Metal Records owners long before the idea for the label was even born. As soon as the decision to create the company was made, the band was approached with the proposal and the deal was signed in the beginning of 2008.

HEATHENDOM's full length debut CD "Nescience" was released 10 years after the formation of the band, on July 15th 2008. The album received close to 50 rave reviews from printed and online magazines from all around the world, including being chosen as the "Album of the month" in Greek Metal Hammer magazine (October 2008 issue in which the new album of Metallica was also reviewed), as well as gained a spot on the "Metal Crusade" vol. XVII sampler of the respected German Heavy magazine. The intense, masterful compositions with complex structures and horror-like atmosphere, unique vocals and brilliant guitar work apparently appealed not only to fans of KING DIAMOND or doom metallers, but to all those who appreciate high quality heavy metal played with passion and skills that are above average.

Still before their debut was released, in April 2008 the band got a chance to play at Up The Hammers festival in Athens, together with bands such as MANILLA ROAD, OMEN, MEMORY GARDEN and CAGE. Later on, in 2008 and 2009 HEATHENDOM played several more shows in Greece, sharing the stage with VERDICT DENIED, ISOLE, REFLECTION, RAGENHEART and VALOR among others, and got their first real big gig as a support act for AMON AMARTH in Athens.

During 2009 the band was busy writing material for their next album. Meanwhile a decision was made to release the long time sold out and sought-after 2005 demo - this time exclusively on the vinyl format. The band re-recorded one of the demo songs, "Haunted Within" and merged it with its second part "Hell Within" (known from the band's debut CD "Nescience") into an almost 20-minutes suite "Haunted In Hell". The whole album, now clocking at 41 minutes, was remastered in 2010 by Lefteris Vourliotis. Metal On Metal Records teamed up with Danny Angus/Pariah Child (Ireland) and brought out this gem on vinyl, limited to 500 copies, on April 23rd 2010.

In July 2010, due to a big demand, Metal On Metal Records reissued the practically sold out band's debut "Nescience", which includes the "Haunted In Hell" suite (the same as on "Heathendom" vinyl released this April) instead of the "War & Pain" bonus track from the 2008 edition. The 2010 edition comes with a revamped artwork/layout.

While working on the new songs, the band was invited to UK and played their first show abroad at Bridgefest in London, along with PAGAN ALTAR, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, SHADOW KEEP and other English acts.

HEATHENDOM continued working on their sophomore CD "The Symbolist" and finished the recordings in autumn of 2010. On October 6th Metal On Metal Records released the first digital single - the title track of the album "The Symbolist". This song was also chosen to film the official music video for.

The release of "The Symbolist", originally planned for late autumn 2010, was postponed for logistical reasons to February 7th 2011. The band's style evolved slightly - they shed a little bit of doom metal elements in favour of more dark US and Scandinavian power metal and even some technical thrash elements, however not completely leaving doom metal behind and continuously exploring the "horror movie soundtrack" territories. This album is a real treat for all those who love to discover more and more details in the music with every spin!

Dark Power/Doom Metal

Greece (Athens), 1998

Dimitris Koutsouvelis (vocals)
Lefteris "L.V." Vourliotis (guitars)
Michail Vlavianos (guitars)
Yiannis "Blackclad" Moraitis (bass)
George Tsinanis (drums)

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"NESCIENCE" (2010 Edition) (CD)

The stunning debut of HEATHENDOM is reissued after 2 years! The new edition includes recently re-recorded "Haunted Within" (originally from 2005) merged with its 2nd part, "Hell Within" into a nearly 20-minutes suite "Haunted In Hell", that sounds like an insane horror movie soundtrack. Expect an amazing mix of traditional doom and heavy/power metal influenced by KING DIAMOND, MEMORY GARDEN, SANCTUARY, SOLITUDE AETURNUS and MEMENTO MORI, but still sounding fresh... Unique vocals bringing to mind the master of horror metal, brilliant guitar work, complex song structures, memorable melodies, intriguing lyrics and atmosphere that may give you goosebumps.
July 2010


HEATHENDOM's excellent demo from 2005 is now remastered and available exclusively on VINYL! Over 40 minutes of haunting and intense power/doom metal music that will satisfy fanatics of KING DIAMOND, MEMORY GARDEN, SANCTUARY, MEMENTO MORI, SOLITUDE AETURNUS and HADES. Includes recently re-recorded "Haunted Within" merged with "Hell Within" (its second part coming from the 2008 debut album "Nescience") forming an almost 20-minutes suite "Haunted In Hell", that sounds like an insane horror movie soundtrack. And don't be put off by the word "demo" - it sounds better than many studio albums out there!
April 2010


The stunning debut album of these Greeks is out now! Expect an amazing mix of traditional doom and heavy/power metal influenced by KING DIAMOND, MEMORY GARDEN, SANCTUARY, CANDLEMASS and MEMENTO MORI, but still sounding fresh... Very unique vocals bringing to mind the master of horror metal, brilliant guitar work, complex song structures, memorable melodies, intriguing lyrics and parts that could fit for a horror movie soundtrack with atmosphere that may give you goosebumps. Intense.
July 2008

"Heathendom" (2005)
Demo, self-released
"Nescience" (2008)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records
"Heathendom" (2010)
Full-length (vinyl), Metal On Metal Records
"Nescience" (2010 Edition) (2010)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records
"The Symbolist" (2011)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records