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FALLEN ANGELS have taken a huge step forward since their debut, progressing both as songwriters and instrumentalists. Crafty arrangements and acoustic guitar interludes of extraordinary beauty are mixed here with head-on, merciless outbursts of speedy thrash aggression and righteous shredding. It's violent but technical thrash, reminiscent of bands like FORBIDDEN, TOXIK, REALM or ANNIHILATOR, while the harsh, gruff vocals bring back memories of DEMOLITION HAMMER, ATROPHY, DEVASTATION and DARK ANGEL. All this rounded up with mastering courtesy of Harris Johns.
July 2010

FALLEN ANGELS was formed in the recesses of western Washington in 2002 by brothers Erik (guitar, vocals) and Brian Hansen (drums), and influenced by such classic thrash bands as SLAYER, SEPULTURA, EXODUS, MEGADETH, to name but a few. Their sound quickly developed and was only strengthened by the addition of the greatly talented Jeremiah Reiman (guitar) and Carl Larsson (bass, ex-member of SKELATOR, EVANGELIST, WAKING HOUR).

Late spring of 2004 saw FALLEN ANGELS entering Crisma Studios to record their first 10 track demo entitled "Cries of War". Sensing a declining interest and input, the band decided to part ways with Jeremiah. After auditioning several guitarists Adam Bath accepted the invitation and was welcomed by all involved into the FALLEN ANGELS family, bringing forth new ideas and energy to the band.

December 2004 saw the band playing direct support to two legendary bands in the scene, L.A. speedsters HIRAX and Seattle's own THE ACCUSED at the Seattle Metal Fest. It was there, after a guest vocal appearance, that Brad Kennaugh (ex-member of SEMESUS and DISINTERMENT) was asked to fill the vocalist position full-time, which had been handled by Erik up until that point. After declining the initial invitation Brad chose to join, thus completing the line-up of the band.

In 2005 FALLEN ANGELS released their second 4 track demo. During this period the band opened for TESTAMENT and SADUS as well as thrashed their way around the Puget Sound area.

Soon Adam left to pursue other musical endeavors, and Rob Steinway (member of INQUINOK, SHADED ENMITY, IN MEMORIUM, ex-FUNERAL AGE, ex-EVANGELIST) joined as second lead guitarist. From the time Brad and Rob entered the band, exposure to new, previously unheard bands started influencing the band to new plateaus of inspiration. It was at this point when FALLEN ANGELS had solidified a line-up to punish the masses and their style really started to develop.

The band continued playing in the greater Western Washington and Oregon area, garnering a growing respect from their peers in the metal scene and new fans with every show. Soon they were ready to record their self-financed debut album “Rise from Ashes” and did so in the summer of 2007.

Their music grabbed attention of Jowita Kaminska and Simone Peruzzi and the band was offered a contract by their just started label, Metal On Metal Records. "Rise from Ashes" was released on September 13th 2008. The CD offered 8 tracks of old school brutal thrash attack with an anti-war message.

FALLEN ANGELS continued to play shows and work on new material. August 2009 saw them open for Bay Area thrash legends FORBIDDEN as well as the departure of Rob. The band had already completed the material for their sophomore release “Engines Of Oppression” and recorded the album as a four piece that summer/fall. November of 2009 found the band recruiting second guitarist, Mathew Be Roth.

July 2010 saw the release of “Engines of Oppression”, a giant step forward, since the thrashers from Seattle have grown a lot as instrumentalists and composers. It's a clearly noticeable improvement in the production department as well - and the finishing touches on the album were put by none other but the legendary Harris Johns (producer of albums of KREATOR, SODOM, CORONER, TANKARD, VOIVOD, HELLOWEEN and many others), who mastered it in his Musiclab Studios in Berlin. The crisp sound matches perfectly the band's old school, ferocious, but technical style. Speed, aggression, melody and the ever growing hunger to rise to the top, poise FALLEN ANGELS to compete for the thrash metal throne - they are the powerful sound of new talent building on its illustrious foundations. Prepare yourselves for a true thrash onslaught!

Technical Thrash Metal

USA (Seattle, WA), 2002

Brad Kennaugh (vocals)
Erik Hansen (guitars, backing vocals)
Matt Be Roth (guitars)
Carl Larsson (bass)
Steve Spitzbart (drums)

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They are from Seattle and grunge is dead! If you like '80s style brutal thrash metal with a bit of a modern edge, FALLEN ANGELS debut album may be just what you're looking for! Influenced by acts such as SLAYER, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, DEATH and more cult bands like DARK ANGEL, DECEASED, DEMOLITION HAMMER, ATROPHY, SADUS, DEVASTATION (TX) or THE HORDE OF TORMENT, Fallen Angels take no prisoners, so prepare yourselves for a real thrash onslaught or be massacred by madness!
September 2008

"Cries Of War" (2004)
Demo, self-released
"Demo" (2005)
Demo, self-released
"Rise From Ashes" (2008)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records/RAW Metal
"Engines Of Oppression" (2010)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records