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Emerging from the sun-scorched Moorish vast lands of southern Portugal, ELS FOCS NEGRES bring forth a new apocalypse in the form of a sonic storm upon this tainted land of sinners. Prepare to be engulfed! Their sophomore offering "Martiris Carnívors: Himnes per a un Nou Apocalipsi" delivers rampant, ecclesiastical, Catalan-sung blackened speed/heavy metal, showcasing their profound love for the occult themes and good old '80s heavy metal. The grit-encrusted vocals, seamlessly weaving between singing, wailing and screaming, sound delightfully deranged over the compelling riffs, and inspired harmony leads truly elevate the music. While obvious nods to bands like ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE and VENOM are evident, discerning listeners will also detect influences from more underground metal stalwarts like BROCAS HELM, FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, KAT, OZ and PAUL CHAIN. Despite these similarities, the band's unique personality shines through in their unhinged approach. With its thunderous and sweeping sound, this new Eucharist heralds chaos, calling on the devout to expect the unexpected, kneel, pray and be wary, for these five maniacs are on a mission to claim your very souls. Embrace their madness and dive headfirst into the fiery depths of this infernal sound!


December 2023

In the year of the Lord 2019, in the vast sun-scorched vast lands of southern Portugal, two visionaries with a shared passion for steel, Monsenyor Bthzr aka Monsenyor Belathauzer of Death (FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, ex-MARTELO NEGRO) on vocals and Hugo "Serp de Cascavell" C. aka Hugo "Rattlesnake" C. (DAWNRIDER, DRAGON'S KISS, SON OF CAIN, ex-LEATHER SYNN) on guitar, joined forces to forge an obscure entity they baptized ELS FOCS NEGRES - The Black Fires. The band quickly gained momentum as they recruited guitarist Marco "Arpes Infernals" Marouco (EXTREME UNCTION, ON THE LOOSE, PERPETRATÖR, ex-OMISSION, ex-SABATAN), bassist Rick el Regni (FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, HELLSPIKE, PERPETRATÖR, RAGE AND FIRE, ex-RAVENSIRE, ex-IRONSWORD) and drummer Marco Dolor aka Marko Schmerzen. ELS FOCS NEGRES decided to unleash their demons and channel their infernal verses in Catalan, adding a unique flair to their musical creation.

In 2020, the band made their mark with their self-titled debut album, which set a blasphemous tone with eight liturgical hymns firmly rooted in the '80s traditional heavy metal with elements and overall atmosphere of blackened speed metal. After a small setback, as it was deemed too satanic for production by one pressing plant, it was released in November that year through Rafchild Records on CD and in early 2021 on vinyl.

In autumn 2021, ELS FOCS NEGRES commenced the work on their sophomore album "Martiris Carnívors: Himnes per a un Nou Apocalipsi" and concluded it in 2022.

In May 2023, the band made their live debut at Camarro Fest IV, sharing the stage with ALKATEYA and others. They were then invited to play at Al Metal Fest with DREAD SOVEREIGN and SAOR in December, and later on, confirmed for SWR Barroselas Metalfest 24 alongside acts such as BLASPHEMY, TANKARD, CANCER, VULTURE, SCHIZOPHRENIA and TOXIKULL in April 2024.

In the meantime, ELS FOCS NEGRES reached out to Metal on Metal Records to put out their second album. Before the CD release date was set, this new offering saw the light of day on vinyl through Firecum Records and RagingPlanet in September 2023. The CD edition of "Martiris Carnívors: Himnes per a un Nou Apocalipsi" will be unleashed in December with a completely different artwork. Prepare for an unparalleled sonic storm, a molten metal fusion of pounding and hellish sound waves... A Heavy Metal Armageddon Speed Metal Massacre is upon us!

Blackened Speed/Heavy Metal

Portugal (Purgatório), 2019

Monsenyor Belathauzer of Death (vocals)
Hugo "Rattlesnake" C. (guitars)
Marco "Arpes Infernals" Marouco (guitars)
Rick el Regni (bass)
Marko Schmerzen (drums)

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• "Els Focs Negres" (2020)
Full-length, Rafchild Records
• "Martiris Carnívors: Himnes per a un Nou Apocalipsi" (2023)
Full-length, Firecum Records and RagingPlanet (LP), Metal On Metal Records (CD)