CHAINBREÄKER are back from the crypt with their second full-length straight from the witches' cauldron... Nine merciless tracks, drenched in old school speed and thrash metal with a touch of heavy and black/thrash will haunt you relentlessly through the night and will rip you to shreds! These maniacs from Austria are not trying to re-invent the wheel - they just make sure it keeps on turning, powering it with their youthful energy and enthusiasm. Raspy lead vocals with wild screams supported by effective backing vocals, razor-sharp guitars and killer drumming are the main ingredients here. This high-speed trip is marked by violence, bloodlust and human abyss of moral depravity. It's very likely to give you an impulse not only bang your head, but also to break into air drumming. While the most obvious point of reference is EXODUS with Paul Baloff, these songs will surely please all fans of early RAZOR, EXCITER, SLAYER, VULTURE (Ger.), RANGER, STÄLKER, SODOM, early KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, ANTICHRIST (Swe.) and EVIL INVADERS.


October 2020

CHAINBREÄKER's origins go back to the summer of 2015 when Stefan on guitar and Luke on the microphone started to collect riffs and song ideas. While writing their first songs, Chris joined them on bass, but quickly changed to guitar. He then brought Jürgen on drums and Jan on bass into the band, and their first line-up was complete.

The band finished writing and arranging the songs and unleashed them in their first demo, "Awakening of Evil", influenced by bands like Exodus, Slayer, Exciter or Sodom and the '80s thrash/speed metal scene, and they continued writing songs in that vein.

Shortly after, Luke left and Chris took over the vocal duties. CHAINBREÄKER has been operating as a four-piece ever since.

After numerous live shows, including Nuke the Earth (with REBELS and RECRUCIFIXIÖN), Steel City Sorcery Pt IV (with VIGILANCE and WILDHUNT), Thrash Metal Night with ERUPTION, Metal Thrashing Madness as well as Thrash Inferno 21 with GAME OVER, the time felt right to record their first album. The recording for the album titled "Wasteland City" took place at Deep Deep Pressure Studios in early 2018. The band recorded five new songs and also re-recorded five tracks from the demo due to the vocal and sound change.

The release of the album was followed by shows in Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Austria. The band played with ATTIC, two dates with NIGHT DEMON during their Live Darkness Over Europe 2018 tour, Steel City Sorcery festival Vol. I (sharing the stage with OCCVLTA, HELVETETS PORT, MALOKARPATAN, DEATHSTORM and others), Show No Mercy (with RAGING DEATH, ROADWOLF and FUSION BOMB), Witchevil Attack (with WITCHUNTER and BLACKEVIL), Steel City supporting JAG PANZER and Rockhouse opening for TESTAMENT and IRON REAGAN.

In that period, CHAINBREÄKER also continued to write new venomous music adding some more speed metal, but also elements of black/thrash and heavy metal to their thrash. These songs were recorded in the late winter of 2020, after which the band started contacting labels. After Metal on Metal Records heard them, they had no doubt about sending their offer to the band for the release of "Relentless Night" which was unleashed on October 31st.

Thrash/Speed Metal

Austria (Linz), 2015

Christoph Ley (vocals, guitars)
Stefan Bruckner (guitars)
Jan Fisselberger (bass)
Jürgen Lengauer (drums)

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"Awakening of Evil" (2016)
EP, self-released
"Wasteland City" (2018)
Full-length, self-released
"Relentless Night" (2020)
Full-length, Metal On Metal Records