VV.AA. "Metal On Metal Records Promo Vol. 1" (CD) [SOLD OUT]Compilation featuring 7 bands/14 tracks (April 2008)

TITLE: "Metal On Metal Records Promo Vol. 1"
GENRE: Traditional Metal styles: Heavy, Thrash, US Power and Doom Metal
RELEASE DATE: April 4th, 2008
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
FORMAT: CD in cardboard sleeves • 14 tracks (approx. 70 min.) • Bands photos and info • Full-colour

1. CATCH 22 "Cyberchrist" (5:17)
2. CATCH 22 "War Song" (2:49)
3. HEATHENDOM "Burn" (5:17)
(previously unreleased)
4. HEATHENDOM "Blissful Hell" (4:48)
(previously unreleased)
5. NOMAD SON "Shallow Grave" (3:34)
(EXCLUSIVE track - demo version)
6. NOMAD SON "Empyrean Fade" (7:01)
(EXCLUSIVE track - demo version)
7. FALLEN ANGELS "Rise from Ashes" (4:15)
(previously unreleased)
8. FALLEN ANGELS "Massacred by Madness" (6:30)
(previously unreleased)
9. SKELATOR "Death to the False" (4:56)
10. SKELATOR "You Traveled Many Miles For a Heavy Metal Show" (5:46)
11. BATTLERAGE "Grind Their Bones" (4:27)
12. BATTLERAGE "Metal Slaughter" (5:25)
13. METAL LAW "Night of the Wolf" (5:49)
14. METAL LAW "Slaying Creature" (3:46)
(taken from 2007 album)

Total playing time: 69:57

The very first Metal On Metal CD release - promo compilation featuring 14 songs of the first 7 bands signed to the label. It includes the only existing NOMAD SON demo tracks (they had not been released as demo by the band) and previously unreleased tracks of HEATHENDOM, FALLEN ANGELS. The songs by CATCH 22, SKELATOR and BATTLERAGE were previously self-released by the bands and METAL LAW tracks come from their debut "Night of the Wolf", released by Battle Cry Records. You can get this compilation for FREE.