VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 4" (CD) [SOLD OUT]Compilation featuring 13 bands/13 tracks (April 2011)

TITLE: "Compendium of Metal Vol. 4"
GENRE: Traditional Metal styles: Heavy, Thrash, US Power, Progressive/Power, Doom and Black/Thrash Metal
RELEASE DATE: April 29th, 2011
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167090221
FORMAT: CD in jewel case • 13 tracks (approx. 72 min.) • 12 pages stapled booklet with liner notes, bands photos, info and catalogue • All full-colour

1. HEATHENDOM "An Angel, a Demon And a Dying God"
2. WISHDOOM "Up the Hammers"
3. CATCH 22 "Power Revolution Mad"
4. MELIAH RAGE "Invincible"
(2010 re-mixed version, previously unreleased)
5. BITTER END "No Law"
(previously unreleased track from 1991)
6. FRANKENSHRED "Metal Nation"
(pre-final mix, previously unreleased)
7. BATTLERAGE "The Devil's Wings Bring Fire from Hell"
8. OUTRAGE "Rigor Mortis"
(2005 album version)
9. MORTALICUM "Black Flame (The Sinister Priest)"
10. RAGENHEART "Child of Rage"
11. NOMAD SON "Winds of Golgotha"
12. SKELATOR "For Death and Glory"
13. FALLEN ANGELS "Legacy of Pain"

Total playing time: 72:15

Here's the 4th MOMR compilation with 13 songs of 13 bands, coming as usually with a 12 pages informative booklet. It includes an exclusive song recorded by MORTALICUM especially for this CD, previously unreleased songs of FRANKENSHRED and BITTER END (technical thrash from Seattle whose 1991/1992 material scheduled for July 2011 release), a previously self-released only song by OUTRAGE (German black thrash from '83), as well as a previously unreleased (re-mixed) version of a 2004 song by MELIAH RAGE, one of our latest signings... So pick this up and treat yourself to over 72 minutes of pure old school metal in all its forms for half of the regular CD price or less (if you order other CDs)!

Cover photo by Michał Kawka (www.mkawkaphotography.com)
Photo manipulation by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (www.jowita-kaminska.com)