SKELATOR "Live Chaos" (tape) [SOLD OUT]Heavy / Speed Metal (February 2013)

TITLE: "Live Chaos"
GENRE: Heavy/Speed Metal
RELEASE DATE: February 2nd, 2013
LABEL: RAW Metal/Metal On Metal Records
FORMAT: Cassette (pro-tape in red shell with black print) • 11 tracks (approx. 70 min.) • 3 panel insert • All full-color • Limited to 66 copies
(Skull not included)

Side "LIVE":
1. Birth of Steel (04:59)
2. Dark Tower (03:37)
3. Guerreros de Metal (03:39)
4. Victory (05:21)
5. You Traveled Many Miles (For a Heavy Metal Show) (05:41)
6. The Coming of Chaos (06:56)
Side "CHAOS":
1. Wrath upon the Cross (05:54)
2. Death to the False (04:11)
3. Siege of Gondor (06:48)
4. Give Me Metal or Give Me Death (05:40)
5. The Wrath of Odin's Sons (12:34)

Total playing time: 69:38

SKELATOR "Live Chaos" is a tape-only release, limited to 66 hand-numbered copies. It consists of a selection of live songs - fragments of the band's 3 shows from 2005, 2008 and 2010 recorded from the soundboard. While these recordings are not perfect (and of course there were no overdubs), they're really enjoyable and show perfectly the raw energy these guys have on stage and the fun that their concerts are. The song titles such as "You Traveled Many Miles (For a Heavy Metal Show)", "Give Me Metal or Give Me Death", "Death to the False" or "Guerreros de Metal" (previously unreleased song sung in Spanish) can give you a pretty clear idea of what to expect. Pure Metal spirit with no compromises!

Songs 1-5 side A: live at Chop Suey, Seattle (WA), 2010.
Songs 6 side A and 1-2 side B: live at Brick by Brick, San Diego (CA), 2005.
Songs 3-5 side B: live at King Cobra, Seattle (WA), 2008.

• Sacred Steel, Agent Steel, Helstar, Cirith Ungol, Slayer, Overkill, Domine, Manowar, Iron Maiden...