SKELATOR "Give Me Metal or Give Me Death" (limited digipak) [SOLD OUT]Heavy / Speed Metal (February 2013)

TITLE: "Give Me Metal or Give Me Death"
GENRE: Heavy/Speed Metal
RELEASE DATE: February 2nd, 2013
LABEL: RAW Metal/Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167099064
FORMAT: CD (digipak) • 8 tracks (approx. 40 min.) • 3 panels • All full-color • Limited to 250 copies

1. Nightstalker (05:11)
2. Riders of the Wehrmacht (04:23)
3. Skelator (05:03)
4. She-Ra (03:54)
5. The Skelatorian Manifesto (03:08)
6. Wrath upon the Cross (04:21)
7. Crusade (07:42)
8. Give Me Metal or Give Me Death (06:15)

Total playing time: 39:54

SKELATOR's "Give Me Metal or Give Me Death" is now released for the first time on CD, as limited to 250 units digipak. It's a 2007 re-recording of SKELATOR's 2003 full-length demo of the same title. Back in 2008, the album had been made available by the band for downloading from their website only, and in 2012 we released it on tape format (limited to 66 units). It represents the first phase of SKELATOR very well: more wild and raw, more speed and sometimes even thrash metal than in the following years, but still it's a good mix of ’80s metal styles with heavy metal being dominant.
The songs in the player above are divided to "Side A" and "Side B" tracks only, just as they were on the now sold-out tape release. The CD version does not contain the 4 demo bonus tracks that were available on the tape edition. You can also purchase it (the tape version with bonus) as digital download from Bandcamp (with printable insert for a DYI tape!).

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Cover art by Chris Lambright.