SKELATOR "Death to All Nations" (CD) [SOLD OUT]Epic Heavy/Speed Metal (July 2010)

TITLE: "Death to All Nations"
GENRE: Epic Heavy/Speed Metal
RELEASE DATE: July 16th, 2010
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records/RAW Metal
BARCODE: 8022167090207
FORMAT: CD in jewel case • 8 tracks (approx. 49 min.) • 12 pages stapled booklet with lyrics, band photos and info • All full-color

1. Birth of Steel (05:17)
2. The Truth (05:02)
3. Victory (Henry V) (05:46)
4. Circle of Bloodshed (03:49)
5. Symphony of the Night (07:26)
6. For Death and Glory (08:12)
7. Stand Up (For Rock and Roll) (06:04)
8. Death to All Nations (07:50)

Total playing time: 49:23

After 12 years of creating buzz in the underground and countless posers decapitated, SKELATOR unleash their first proper full-length album - with improved production, but still a "Raw Metal" attitude. 8 hymns of steel, bloodshed, death, glory and rock'n'roll; glass-shattering, over the top vocals delivering over the top lyrics in the most convincing manner. Fans of SACRED STEEL, DOMINE, HELSTAR, SKULLVIEW, IRON MAIDEN, AGENT STEEL and MANOWAR need to check them out. Expect no quarter, just epic heavy/speed metal attack with a rebellious spirit and played with zealous passion for true metal, reeking from every word and tune!

• First proper studio album of these US metal warriors with a history of 12 years – this album is a manifestation of unadulterated heavy metal and should please all fans of it.
• Cover art by comic artist Sean McGrath (vocalist/guitarist of Impaled USA, Ghoul and Engorged...).
• For fans of: Sacred Steel, Domine, Helstar, Skullview, Iron Maiden, Cirith Ungol, Agent Steel, Manowar, Metalucifer...

Cover art by Sean McGrath (

LP version (black or limited black with blue splatter vinyl) licensed to/released by Pure Steel Records (April 2012). Bonus tracks: "The Elder Gods of Metal" (spoken introduction) and "Evil Never Sleeps" (PHANTOM LORD cover).