NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" (LP)Traditional Doom Metal (October 2011)


TITLE: "The Eternal Return"
GENRE: Traditional Doom Metal
RELEASE DATE: October 29th, 2011
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records/Emanes Metal
FORMAT: Gatefold LP • 8 tracks (approx. 54 min.) • All full-color

1. The Vigil (04:34)
2. Can't Turn the Tide (05:08)
3. Winds of Golgotha (11:16)
4. The Eternal Return (06:12)
Side "RETURN":
1. Sigma Draconis (06:58)
2. Comatose Souls (06:46)
3. Guilty as Sin (05:19)
4. Throne of Judgement (07:40)

Total playing time: 53:53

The Maltese doomsters from NOMAD SON have made a huge impact on the scene with their debut and live shows. Their 2nd album brings dark, Hammond-driven, ominous heavy doom metal tinged with epic and obscure soundscapes - the perfect tapestry for the band's take on the spiritual, social and moral decay afflicting humankind in today's unrepentant world. This soundtrack for the apocalypse has irresistible charm, especially if you worship TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, KRUX, ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA, PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS, LAS CRUCES but also DEEP PURPLE or ATOMIC ROOSTER. Skeptics shall see you can bang your head to doom!

• Album recorded in the famous Temple Studios in Malta, mixed and mastered by David Vella (engineering guru known for his work with Rammstein, Paradise Lost, Helloween, Claw Finger and many others).
• Their sophomore album already gained plenty of rave reviews, following the success of their sold-out debut from 2008.
• The band’s founder, bassist and main composer is Albert Bell of Forsaken fame.
• The band won the Best Heavy Metal Band and Best International Achievement awards at the Malta Music Awards in November 2010.
• The band is very active on the live front, had a tour and played at 3 festivals in Europe, and now is going to play as a headliner 3 shows in UK in February 2011.
• Cover art by Jowita Kaminska (Exodus, Manilla Road, Attacker, Witchburner, Forsaken, Deceased…).
• For fans of: Trouble, Candlemass, Abstrakt Algebra, Krux, Pentagram, Las Cruces, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus...

Cover art by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (