NOMAD SON "First Light / Pilgrimages of Doom" (CD / DVD)Traditional Doom Metal (August 2013)


TITLE: "First Light / Pilgrimages of Doom"
GENRE: Traditional Doom Metal
RELEASE DATE: August 30th, 2013
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167090030
FORMAT: DVDplus (CD / DVD double-sided disc) in jewel case • 9 tracks (approx. 45 min. CD side and 126 min. DVD side) • 12 pages stapled booklet with lyrics, band photos, liner notes and info • All full-color

CD side - "First Light":
1. Forever Twilight (07:55)
2. Shallow Grave (03:55)
3. Seven Notes in Black (06:24)
4. Delirium [instrumental] (02:13)
5. At the Thresholds of Consciousness (04:31)
6. The Wraith (07:48)
7. Empyrean Fade (07:28)
8. The Light at the End (04:57)

Total playing time: 45:11

DVD side - "Pilgrimages of Doom":

01. The Vigil
02. Sigma Draconis
03. Shallow Grave
04. Seven Notes in Black
05. Winds of Golgotha

DOOMSDAY IV festival:
06. At the Thresholds of Consciousness
07. Sigma Draconis
08. The Vigil
09. Winds of Golgotha
10. Seven Notes in Black
11. Shallow Grave
12. Empyrean Fade
13. Relentless

HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR XII festival warm-up show:
14. Sign of the Wolf
15. Interview hosted by Andreas "Neudi" Neuderth
16. Empyrean Fade

17. Forever Twilight
18. At the End of My Daze

19. The Light at the End

20. Slideshow
21. Credits

Approximate playing time: 126 minutes

"Pilgrimages of Doom" DVD trailer
"The Wraith" static promo clip
"At the Thresholds of Consciousness" static promo clip

The sold-out debut album of these Maltese traditional doom metal masters is now re-released with over 2 hours of exclusive DVD material "Pilgrimages of Doom"! It contains pro filmed and edited multi-camera footage from the band's gigs at the HAMMER OF DOOM VI and DOOMSDAY IV festivals (both 2011), and bonus material: excerpts from other shows (HOA warm-up show 2009 and DOOM SHALL RISE 2010), interview, a song from Maltese TV program and a slideshow. Formed by the bassist Albert Bell of FORSAKEN fame, NOMAD SON is a '70s tinged (Hammonds!) doom band drawing influence from the trailblazing sounds of BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS and SAINT VITUS. Doom is not dead - see and hear for yourself checking this molten slab of HEAVY music... The versatility of moods and tempos will not let you fall asleep - instead it can make your head bang more than once 'cause they know what "uptempo" means! A truly addictive stuff.

• Re-release of the sold-out debut from 2008 of these Maltese doom metal masters who now released their 3rd album.
• Contains over 2 hours of exclusive DVD "Pilgrimages of Doom" with professionally filmed and edited multi-camera footage from the band's performances at 2 festivals and more (fragments of other shows, interview and slideshow)
• Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by David Vella (engineering guru known for his work with Rammstein, Paradise Lost, Helloween, Claw Finger and many others) in the famous Temple Studios in Malta.
• The band's founder, bassist and main composer is Albert Bell of Forsaken fame.
• Cover art painted by Jowita Kaminska (Exodus, Manilla Road, Attacker, Witchburner, Forsaken, Deceased, Meliah Rage, Arkham Witch...).
• For fans of: Candlemass, Trouble, Krux, Abstract Algebra, Las Cruces, Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Deep Purple, ELP, Atomic Rooster...

Cover art and photo by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (