MELIAH RAGE "Before the Kill" (CD)Power/Thrash Metal (August 2015)


TITLE: "Before the Kill"
GENRE: Power/Thrash Metal
RELEASE DATE: August 31st, 2015
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167090559
FORMAT: CD in jewel case • 16 tracks (approx. 71 min.) • 12 pages stapled booklet with exclusive interview, archival photos and info • All full-color

Pre-MELIAH RAGE rehearsal 1986:
1. Misunderstood
2. Beginning of the End
3. The Eagle
4. Stand Up
5. Warrior Lord
6. Enter the Darkness
7. Fight
8. The Pack
9. Beginning of the End (1st demo '87)
10. The Pack (1st demo '87)
11. Enter the Darkness (1st demo '87)
12. Kill to Survive (1st demo '87)
13. Bates Motel (live '88)
14. Meliah Rage [instrumental] (live '88)
15. Deadly Existence (live '88)
16. Kill to Survive (from the 2nd demo '87)

Total playing time: 70:31

"Before the Kill" album promo clip
"Kill to Survive" music video
"Beginning of the End" (pre-Meliah Rage) static promo clip

MELIAH RAGE have changed quite a bit over the years. Many metalheads are fans only of their early period, when the band displayed more untamed aggression in their music. But very few know that before the band officially got their name, they had been composing songs and playing rehearsals with a different line-up, most notably, with another vocalist! You'll get to hear a pre-MELIAH RAGE rehearsal with Mark Mastroianni on vocals: 8 songs, half of which were never re-recorded, and more classic US metal sounding, resembling quite a bit Guy Speranza era of RIOT. This 1986 rehearsal reminds us also of the MERCYFUL FATE demos and, from much younger bands, of MIDNIGHT IDOLS. The pulsating energy and the sheer enthusiasm of these young guys is palpable, and listening to this recording not only takes you on a trip down the memory lane, but makes you feel you're right there in their practice room. At least that's what it does to us. The other half of the compilation features MELIAH RAGE as we all know them, but with some previously unpublished material: the very first demo from 1987, 3 live tracks and the "Kill to Survive" song off the second demo. When Mike Munro joined the band in 1987, he brought a more thrash edge to their sound with his powerful and aggressive vocals, and they started resembling more METAL CHURCH and METALLICA. The booklet features many archival photos and an in-depth interview with the band's founder, Anthony Nichols, focused exclusively on the earliest period of the band's existence. All of the audio has been remastered, but, obviously, this release is not for those who value good recording and production above all else. If you do, stay away from this compilation, as it's as raw and authentic as it gets. This is only for true, old school metalheads who long for that special '80s vibe!

• Compilation of the earliest recordings of this established US thrash/power metal band before they signed to Epic Records.
• Includes pre-MELIAH RAGE rehearsal with never before published songs and other rare and previously unreleased songs, all digitally remastered.
• Exclusive, in-depth interview and many archival photos in the booklet.
• A must have for all old-school metal collectors.
• Cover art painted by Jowita Kaminska (Exodus, Manilla Road, Attacker, Witchburner, Forsaken, Deceased, Meliah Rage, Nomad Son, Arkham Witch, Metal Law...).
• For fans of: Riot, Metal Church, Heretic, Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, Wargasm, Xentrix, Paradox, Testament...

Cover art by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (