KÖMMAND "Savage Overkill" (CD)Black/Thrash Metal (July 2019)


TITLE: "Savage Overkill"
GENRE: Black/Thrash Metal
RELEASE DATE: July 25th, 2019
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167090863
FORMAT: CD in jewel case • 9 tracks (approx. 41 min.) • 12 pages stapled booklet with lyrics, band photos and info • Black, white and red

1. Adrenalinvocation
2. Bitchfiend
3. Patch Horde Crushfukk
4. Bloodmist
5. Northwest Thunderfloods
6. Nuke the P.I.T.
7. Iron Blower
8. Ponderosa Ascendant
9. Hail Blasphemic Fire

Total playing time: 40:38

"Hail Blasphemic Fire" static promo clip
"Ponderosa Ascendant" static promo clip

Sometimes it's enough to look at the cover art, logo and band photo to know exactly what to expect. Add to this an album title like "Savage Overkill" and all is perfectly clear. KÖMMAND from Seattle play raw and uncompromising black/thrash in the old ways - the only right ways. The constant onslaught of atonal riffs and real drums is what it's all about. Awesomely ugly, gritty and snotty vocals interspersed with eardrums-piercing speed metal screams and just enough of "OUGHs" are guaranteed to make any real old school metalhead grin in delight. The attitude seeps and pure filth spreads around with every note on this album. It's bound to rip some heads off and send wimps home crying! These US kömmandos stand for stubborn, ancient sounds and keeping metal dangerous and unwanted, just as it was meant to be, while sending a big "fuck off" to all the safe and sterile bands out there. They worship at the altar of DARKTHRONE, BATHORY, AURA NOIR, INFERNÖ, BEWITCHED and NOCTURNAL BREED, being boozebrothers in arms with BARBARIAN, BUNKER 66, SARKE, RUST, OMEGA and the like.

• The 2nd full-length of this black/thrash metal band from USA.
• Old school, raw and uncompromising sound, just as it should be in this style.
• For fans of: Aura Noir, Darkthrone, Sarke, Infernö, Bewitched, Nocturnal Breed, Bathory, Rust, Omega, Barbarian, Bunker 66...

Cover art by Gourmetal Art (www.facebook.com/gourmetalart).