HERETIC "A Time of Crisis" (CD) [SOLD OUT]Power / Thrash Metal (July 2012)

TITLE: "A Time of Crisis"
GENRE: Power/Thrash Metal
RELEASE DATE: July 26th, 2012
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167090344
FORMAT: CD in jewel case • 12 tracks (approx. 46 min.) • 12 pages stapled booklet with lyrics, band photos and info • All full-color

1. The Divine Inquisition [instrumental] (1:02)
2. Tomorrow's Plague (5:18)
3. Betrayed (4:38)
4. Remains (5:21)
5. A Time of Crisis (4:33)
6. For Your Faith (4:38)
7. Raise Your Fist (4:22)
8. Heretic (2:29)
9. Child of War (3:23)
10. Police State (3:34)
11. The End of the World (4:15)
12. Let Me Begin Again [instrumental] (2:37)

Total playing time: 46:03

"A Time of Crisis" album promo clip
"Remains" static promo clip
"Police State" static promo clip

HERETIC, the US power/thrashers known for their '86 EP "Torture Knows No Boundary" and '88 LP "Breaking Point" (both on Metal Blade Records), have risen from the ashes and are ready to take some heads off with their new album! The band's founder, guitarist and composer Brian Korban recruited Julian Mendez who sang on their first EP, as well as prominent musicians: guitarist Glenn Rogers (ex-HIRAX, ex-DELIVERANCE and many others) and bassist Angelo Espino (BITCH, ex-REVEREND, ex-HIRAX, etc.). What the band presents here is not only top-notch musicianship, but most of all very classic and solid songwriting without any modern experiments. This perfectly balanced blend of power and thrash metal in the best US tradition should appeal to all fans of METAL CHURCH, REVEREND, WAYNE, old METALLICA, MELIAH RAGE and ARMORED SAINT, but influences from BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST and MOTORHEAD are quite clear too.

• The comeback album of the US power/thrash metal legends known for their 1986 and 1988 Metal Blade Records releases.
• Featuring 2 original band members (guitarist/songwriter and vocalist) and other renowned musicians: guitarist Glenn Rogers (ex-Hirax, ex-Deliverance, ex-Steel Vengeance and many others) and bassist Angelo Espino (Bitch, ex-Reverend, ex-Hirax, ex-Anger As Art, ex-Uncle Slam and many others).
• Recorded, mixed and produced by John Anthony Haddad (Hirax, Anger As Art etc.).
• Plans are underway for a festival appearance and a European tour in July 2013.
• For fans of: Metal Church, Reverend, Wayne, Metallica, Meliah Rage, Armored Saint, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead...

Cover art by Tom Berg (