FRANKENSHRED "Into the Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred" digitalPower/Thrash/Speed/Shred Metal (July 2010)

TITLE: "Into the Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred”
GENRE: Power/Thrash/Speed/Shred Metal
RELEASE DATE: July 21st, 2010
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records/DigiMetal
BARCODE: 8022167099019
FORMAT: Audio files available for download from CD Baby, iTunes, Bandcamp and other retailers • 11 tracks (approx. 77 min.)

All the tracks are instrumental
1. Igor's Revenge (06:06)
2. The Formula (08:19)
3. Night of the Bat (05:36)
4. Judge Shred (11:43)
5. Curse of the Baron (12:39)
6. Dr. Frankenshred (09:14)
7. Laboratory Experiment (08:24)
8. Bass Solo [bonus track] (1:44)
9. Grinding the Axe (demo version)
[bonus track] (3:33)
10. Haunted Mansion (demo version)
[bonus track] (5:18)
11. The Journey (demo version)
[bonus track] (4:51)

Total playing time: 77:21

Here's the 1st homonymous FRANKENSHRED album from 1997, back when the band was an instrumental trio. This is dark and heavy metal loaded with razor-sharp guitar solos, killer riffs, throbbing, gristly bass and pounding drums, reminiscent of CACOPHONY and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, though it often has a more speed/thrash metal than neo-classical character. Long, captivating compositions go through various speeds and moods and can create images in your mind through their haunting atmosphere... just close your eyes and enter the twisted world of Dr. Frankenshred... There's no need for a vocalist here - the instruments tell the stories!

• Cacophony, Yngwie Malmsteen, David T. Chanstain/CJSS, Racer X, Paul Gilbert, Joe Stump...

Cover art by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (