F.K.Ü. "Where Moshers Dwell" (CD) [SOLD OUT]Thrash Metal (June 2009)

TITLE: "Where Moshers Dwell"
GENRE: Thrash Metal
RELEASE DATE: June 25th, 2009
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167090092
FORMAT: CD in jewel case • 17 tracks (approx. 40 min.) • 16 pages stapled booklet with lyrics, band photos, info and 10-page comic • Color & b/w

1. Welcome to Your Nightmare (01:23)
2. Where Moshers Dwell (03:14)
3. Twitch of the Thrash Nerve (03:11)
4. Faster Than the Shark (02:15)
5. The Pit and the Poser (03:29)
6. Dead Coroner (01:48)
7. Almost Metal (00:13)
8. Hate Your Guts (Love Your Brain) (03:44)
9. Bedilia - Back for Cake (03:25)
10. Worms (00:30)
11. Sleepwalker Texas Ranger (01:55)
12. He Knows the Drill (01:10)
13. Six Feet Ünderwear (00:23)
14. Phantom Killer Attack (02:51)
15. Blairsville Blues (01:10)
16. Horror Metal Moshing Machine (03:15)
17. Highway to Horror (06:01)

Total playing time: 39:57

The Swedish veteran moshoholics F.K.Ü. know perfectly that horror and metal go hand in hand and now they're back to prove it with their 3rd studio attack. Showing special affinity towards the Freddy Krueger flicks (and having Robert Englund himself as a special guest), they spice up their old school and catchy brand of thrash with specific sense of humor. If you miss the best days of EXODUS, OVERKILL, S.O.D. and NUCLEAR ASSAULT, don't think twice - this album will send you into moshing frenzy! Get ready for a healthy dose of good, friendly, violent fun!

• Long awaited 3rd album by the Swedish old school thrash metal force, formed in 1987. Released in June 2009, sold out, reprinted in July 2010.
• Featuring: Robert Englund (narration, as the legendary "Freddy Krueger" character) and Jörgen Sansström (guest growl vocals, Krux, Vicious Art, ex-Entombed, ex-Grave).
• 16 pages booklet adorned with killer cover art and a 10 pages comic by master of horror, Jeff Zornow.
• Mastered by Mats Lindfors (Candlemass, 220 Volt, Torch...) at Cutting Room, Stockholm.
• The band is renowned and well respected in the scene; they played multiple shows, including 2 gigs in UK in 2008, in 2010: Sweden Rock, Muskel Rock Festivals and are confirmed for Getaway Rock Festival 2011.
• The band consists of experienced musicians; the F.K.Ü. members play/played in numerous other bands (Loch Vostok, Darkane, Wuthering Heights, Midas Touch (Swe), Andromeda (Swe), Scarve, The Duskfall, Enemy Is Us, Lost Souls, Inrage, The Hidden, Mayadome, Flagellation (Swe), Vivaldis Disciples, Valley of the Dead, Anima Morte, Forcefeed, Seethings...)
• For fans of: Exodus, Overkill, S.O.D., M.O.D., D.R.I., Gama Bomb, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, Municipal Waste, Tankard...

Cover art by Jeff Zornow (www.zornowmustbedestroyed.com)