ETERNAL THIRST "The Hellish Fight Goes On" (CD)Heavy/Power Metal (April 2017)


TITLE: "The Hellish Fight Goes On"
GENRE: Heavy/Power Metal
RELEASE DATE: April 28th, 2017
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167090719
FORMAT: CD in jewel case • 10 tracks (approx. 55 min.) • 12 pages stapled booklet with lyrics, band photos and info • All full-color

1. The One Who Fights Will Never Die
2. In League with One Who Has No Name
3. Anemas Dungeons
4. All Beasts Arise
5. Nail the Banner of War
6. Power of Fire
7. Into the Tower of Fear
8. Breaking the Tomb
9. Battalion
10. Spears Instead of Hands [bonus track]

Total playing time: 54:35

"The Hellish Fight Goes On" album promo clip
"Breaking the Tomb" static promo clip
"Battalion" static promo clip

ETERNAL THIRST hail from Chile and play heavy/power metal the way it's supposed to be played. The first thing that may draw your attention are the vocals... Quirky, unique and full of expression, Rodrigo's voice sounds might not be for everybody, but the passion is palpable in his voice. That wouldn't mean much though if it wasn't supported by equally convincing and powerful instrumentation. The musicians shared the songwriting duties and it shows in the big versatility of the album - they take their inspiration from both US power and old German heavy/speed metal, and you can hear similarities to SKELATOR, SKULLVIEW, SOLITARY SABRED, ZED YAGO, SACRED STEEL, OMEN, HELSTAR, GRIFFIN, BATTLERAGE, TYRANT (Ger.) or ATTACK. There are lots of breaks and rhythm changes, calm and epic moments are followed by savage fury. If you crave real old school heavy metal, this album should quench your thirst!

• Third full-length album of this Chilean heavy/power metal band, featuring the scene veteran Francisco Vera (ex-Battlerage) on drums.
• For fans of: Skelator, Solitary Sabred, Skullview, Sacred Steel, Omen, Tyrant (Ger.), Battlerage, Zed Yago, Attack, Paragon, Helstar...

Cover art by JP Aguirre (