CADAVERIC POISON "Cadaveric Poison" (CD)Old school Death/Thrash Metal (April 2016)


TITLE: "Cadaveric Poison"
GENRE: Old school Death/Thrash Metal
RELEASE DATE: April 29th, 2016
LABEL: Metal On Metal Records
BARCODE: 8022167090634

FORMAT: CD in jewel case • 10 tracks (approx. 35 min.) • 12 pages stapled booklet with lyrics, band photos and info • All full-color

1. Cadaveric
2. The Few
3. Rollover
4. Fight for Evil
5. Forfeit the Race
6. Never Put All Your Stones in One Basket
7. Face the Whore
8. Bombs Away
9. Violence Breeds Violence
10. Poison

Total playing time: 34:56

"Cadaveric Poison" album promo clip
"Bombs Away" lyric video
"The Few" static promo clip

CADAVERIC POISON is a new death/thrash project of three veterans of the scene: Simon Seegel, Felix Darnieder (both of the German thrash institution WITCHBURNER) and Paul Speckmann who has cut his teeth on playing in MASTER, ABOMINATION, DEATH STRIKE and several other bands. Not surprisingly, their self-titled debut will bring to your mind Paul's bands, as his harsh and visceral vocals are very personal and instantly recognizable, unlike those of hundreds of other death metal growlers. He spits, belches and bellows out his socio-politically charged lyrics with genuine ire, while the song writing and solid instrumentation, spiced up with awesome solos courtesy of guest guitarist Michael Frank (WITCHBURNER), by the German thrashers is just as convincing. This album will take you back to the time when death metal was just emerging as a genre and often had some thrash metal elements. The simple but effective riffs and insanely catchy rhythms make these songs highly headbanging-inducing. This is a true old school death metal manifesto!

• Debut full-length of the respected veteran musicians: death metal legend Paul Speckmann (Master, Abomination...), and Simon Seegel and Felix Darnieder (Witchburner).
• Cover art by the cult artist Mark Riddick.
• For fans of: Master, Abomination, Death Strike, Autopsy, Deceased, Bolt Thrower, Thanatos, Witchburner, Infernal Majesty, Outrage (Ger.), Funeral Nation...

Cover art by Mark Riddick.