KINGDOM OF TYRANTS interview and video clip.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. KINGDOM OF TYRANTS' debut album "Architects of Power" was originally planned for the end of last year, but the recording and mixing process took longer than anticipated, so it will finally see the light of day on April 20th, at the Keep It True festival.

"A Boston Metal Story" is an interview with guitarists Kevin Curran (STEEL ASSASSIN) and Michael Mooney (STEEL ASSASSIN), vocalist Mike Munro (ex-MELIAH RAGE), drummer Stu Dowie (MELIAH RAGE) and bass player Dave Liolios who talk about their shared history and their new project.
"The blend of band mates is just top-notch. You couldn't ask for better men to be surrounded by; friends, musicianship, no pressure, everybody's doing this for the same reasons and that's just because we want to. We didn't do it because we had to, we're doing it because we want to, because we love each other, because we had never played all together in this particular arrangement before. And once we started writing songs, the chemistry became evident, and it just flows. I am probably head over heels about this project more than anything I've ever done." - Michael Mooney.
Check the interview, directed and produced by Rudy Childs, on YouTube:

As mentioned in the interview, the band has recently filmed two video clips, one of which is for "Ghosts of Industry", a song inspired by the History Channel series about the Gilded Age called "The Men Who Built America". You can watch it on our YouTube channel or below:

We will reveal two more new songs in two weeks, when we'll start the pre-order.

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