"Compendium of Metal Vol. 15" and 2022 release plan.

Despite the more-or-less return to normal in the middle of this year (with shows, festivals and traveling), we didn't manage to have any releases out before autumn. In fact, this announcement comes so late mostly because every weekend in September except for the first one, we were traveling abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Malta) to festivals and shows, and there was simply not enough time to prepare everything earlier. But good things take time, and those who've been waiting will be rewarded now as on September 30th, three new albums and our annual compilation will finally see the light of day at the Keep It True Rising II festival in Würzburg (where we'll have a table for selling).

"Compendium of Metal Vol. 15" features 10 songs of 10 bands. The first 3 tracks are by bands whose albums we are releasing at the same time as this compilation, but one of them, by ARKHAM WITCH, comes from their latest EP (self-released digitally), one of them is by a newly signed act, NIGROMANTE (heavy metal from Spain), and one is by ALBERT BELL'S SACRO SANCTUS for whom we have already released 3 albums. The next songs are previously unreleased: ETERNAL THIRST is featured here with a demo version of a song from their upcoming album, and KINGDOM OF TYRANTS (the second newly signed band this year, playing US power/heavy metal and featuring musicians from STEEL ASSASSIN and MELIAH RAGE) showcases a song from their upcoming debut in a rough mix version. Then there are 4 songs taken from our last year's releases by HELLSPIKE, HOME STYLE SURGERY, GRAVETY and IN AEVUM AGERE. The highlight in the form of an exclusive song comes at the end: VOMIT DIVISION recorded a killer track especially for this compilation - it's the essence of old school blackened thrash metal!

Check the complete track list and more info about "Compendium of Metal Vol. 15" on the page of this release.

The CD, released with an informative 6-page booklet and packed with old school metal in various styles (with playing time of 52 minutes), costs 6,00 Euro or 4,00 Euro if you order it with other items from our SHOP. Alternatively, you can get the compilation as digital download from our Bandcamp page for 4,00 Euro and receive the complete CD layout in PDF format (booklet, inlay card, CD label print).

We put only 7 songs for streaming in the Bandcamp player, but you can preview all 10 tracks (about 1-minute excerpts) from the album trailer/promo clip on YouTube.

And here are our planned 2022 releases:

September 30th (Keep It True Rising II festival):
VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 15" CD
ALBERT BELL'S SACRO SANCTUS "Sword of Fierbois" CD (Blackened Heavy/Doom Metal from Malta)
ARKHAM WITCH "Swords Against Death" CD (Heavy Metal from UK)
NIGROMANTE "Summon the Devil" CD (Heavy Metal from Spain)

December (exact date TBA):
ETERNAL THIRST "The Nesting of Chaos" CD (Heavy/Power Metal from Chile)
KINGDOM OF TYRANTS "Architects of Power" CD (Power/Heavy Metal from USA)

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