NIGROMANTE joins MOMR roster.

The second new signing we are happy to announce this year is a Spanish band NIGROMANTE who self-describe their style as Unholy Heavy Metal. They were formed back in 2003 and were the first to play old school heavy metal in this new millennium over there. Their vocalist and guitarist Ángel Muñoz, also known as Choco, is in big part responsible for the later explosion of the NWOTHM scene in their country mostly by having organized countless gigs and festivals as the founder of the Pounding Metal Union. After three demos, the band's debut album "Black Magic Night" was finally released in 2014 through Shadow Kingdom Records. We have to admit we missed it at that time and checked it only earlier this year, after Choco contacted us submitting their new album, which turned out to be far superior in every respect: they have improved the songwriting and individual skills immensely over those years, so the decision to offer them a deal was a no-brainer.

Here's what Choco had to say:
"We are really happy to return to activity as NIGROMANTE and really proud to be working with Metal on Metal Records. We've known the label work for a long time, and been good friends with many of the bands in their roster. They work really hard for the bands they sign and pay a lot of attention to detail. For sure, together we are going to bring some great Unholy Heavy Metal to the world."

The band has just released a digital single "Die on a Lie", which can be checked on several platforms, and commented: "'Die on a Lie' is a song about something of sad actuality, it's about war and fallen warriors, about those who had to fight a war on false purposes, by the greed and hunger for power of their governors... and about how they will finally return with vengeance against those who sent them to 'Die on a Lie'."

Their sophomore album "Summon the Devil" will be released later in September on CD as well as on Bandcamp and on all relevant digital platforms.

To read the band's biography and find out more, go to the NIGROMANTE page.

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