IN AEVUM AGERE "Emperor of Hell - Canto XXXIV" details.

The third full-length of the epic doom metal masters from Italy IN AEVUM AGERE titled "Emperor of Hell - Canto XXXIV" will be out on 19th of November, together with the new albums of KÖMMAND, HELLSPIKE, HOME STYLE SURGERY and GRAVETY, as well as "Compendium of Metal Vol. 14". The album is lyrically based on Dante's "Divine Comedy", not surprisingly again the "Inferno" part of this opus, which offers a wealth of grim and allegorical imagery. It's full of sophisticated melodies, doom-laden heavy riffs and strong, desperate sounding vocals. What sets them apart from other doom metal bands is the intense guitar shredding/riffing and powerhouse double bass drumming that sometimes verge on thrash. If you're into bands like CANDLEMASS, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, SORCERER, MEMENTO MORI, FORSAKEN, EVANGELIST, THUNDERSTORM, PROCESSION and CRYPT SERMON, do not hesitate to check it out!

We've uploaded to our YouTube channel a lyric video for "Emperor of Hell" here and a static clip for "Sorrowful Goodbye" here.

Both of these songs plus a third one, "The Straight Path Was Lost" are available for streaming also in the player on the IN AEVUM AGERE page. Here's the full album track list:

1. Emperor of Hell
2. Intro
3. The City of Dis
4. Malebolge
5. In Phlegethon
6. Chiron
7. Sorrowful Goodbye
8. Allegorical Images (Universal Destiny)
9. The Straight Path Was Lost

(Cover art by Felice Savarese)

You can find more info about "Emperor of Hell - Canto XXXIV" and see the high-res cover on the page of this release.

The CD can be ordered from our SHOP page, and you can buy it in a bundle with the other new releases (in this case with other four, saving 10,00 Euro), but also, for a limited time, in a bundle with the previous album of the band, "Canto III". You can add to it the new compilation CD "Compendium of Metal Vol. 14" as well. Even though we won't go to Germany personally, we've arranged shipping from there, however if you live in Italy, your order will be shipped from here with Poste Italiane rates. For all non-Italian orders we've set and will keep the German shipping rates in the shop this week - they will be changed back to Italian ones on November 21st at 11:00 PM Central European Time (UTC+1). Thanks to this, until Sunday night, you can buy many more items for the same low shipping cost, which is particularly convenient for orders from outside of Europe and from Germany, and have them shipped as priority mail (except for orders from USA that are currently via ocean freight from Germany, which may take a month or two).

The album can be pre-ordered also as digital download (in lossless formats) from our Bandcamp page. It will be also distributed digitally and made available from iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music, Spotify and other retailers and services.

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