HOME STYLE SURGERY "Brain Drill Poetry" details.

"Brain Drill Poetry", the second full-length of the technical thrashers from Finland HOME STYLE SURGERY will be released on November 19th, together with the new albums of KÖMMAND, HELLSPIKE, GRAVETY and IN AEVUM AGERE, as well as the new compilation "Compendium of Metal Vol. 14". In a world filled with copy-and-paste thrash metal, they deliver fast, technical thrash with a fresh yet old school take on the genre. One refined riff and one intricate solo after another, over the complex drum fills backdrop, these guys show how stellar their musicianship is, but they prove they are just as talented as composers, putting hooks in each song. If you're a fan of TOXIK, STONE, FORBIDDEN, CORONER, VEKTOR, VEXOVOID, VOIVOD, ANNIHILATOR, DESPAIR, ASPID (Rus.), GRINDER or TARGET, you should add this album to your collection!

We've uploaded two songs from this album on our YouTube channel ("Actio in Distans" here and "Fade into Grey" here), and there's additionally a third one, "Petrified in Vertigo" in the Bandcamp player on the HOME STYLE SURGERY page. The complete CD track listing is as follows:

1. Brain Drill Poetry
2. Necrodecoration
3. 434
4. Petrified in Vertigo
5. Actio in Distans
6. Fade into Grey
7. Exit Homunculus
8. Surgical Sculpture

(Cover art by Mark Cooper)

You can find more info about "Brain Drill Poetry" and see the high-res cover on the page of this release.

The CD can now be ordered from our SHOP page, where we'll have the German shipping rates until the end of this week, November 21st, 11:00 PM Central European Time (UTC+1), with the exception for orders from Italy which will be shipped from Italy. Thanks to this, you can buy many more items for the same low shipping cost, which is particularly convenient for all orders from outside of Europe and from Germany, and have them sent as priority mail (except for orders to USA as currently they're being shipped from Germany only via the ocean freight that may take even 2 months). As always, we are offering the new CD in a bundle with the other new releases (in this case with other four, saving 10,00 Euro) and you can add to it also the new compilation CD "Compendium of Metal Vol. 14". After this date, the shipping rates will be changed back to the Italian ones, to which you can always add the priority option.

The album can be pre-ordered as digital download (in lossless formats) from our Bandcamp page. It will be also distributed digitally and made available from iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music, Spotify and other retailers and services.


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