GRAVETY signs with MOMR.

The second new band we are chuffed to start working with comes from Germany and plays epic heavy metal of the highest order. GRAVETY was formed in 2009 and released only one album, "Into the Grave" in 2012 before going on hiatus for several years. Back then they had more thrash and doom influences, creating an original style, but their comeback album definitely outshines their previous effort. We could not pass on this excellent piece of epic metal, and so shouldn't you if the music of bands like VISIGOTH, GATEKEEPER, TERMINUS, ETERNAL CHAMPION, ATLANTEAN KODEX, WARLORD, DOOMSWORD, GRAND MAGUS, BATTLEROAR or MANOWAR makes you want to pick up a sword and rush into battle.

Kevin Portz, the band's vocalist commented:
"After our long break, we knew that we wanted a strong partner on our side. I've known Jowita and Simone for many years from festivals and I know that they are Heavy Metal maniacs: they are burning with passion for metal. So how fitting that we carry on the steel together now!
I know a lot of artists use this phrase, but our new songs are our strongest so far. The style is way more focused and our songwriting skills have improved. We also had full control of the whole process: our guitarist Gernot recorded, mixed and mastered everything, so we could work on more details than ever before.
We are glad to join forces with Metal on Metal Records for our new album and we are eager to play some festivals and shows. Be part of our crusade and bow down!"

The band recorded a music video for "Carry On the Flame". Directed and produced by WitchHunt Pictures, it tells a tale that could have been a Robert E. Howard story and is dedicated to the father of Epic Metal, Mark Shelton. Watch it on the NWOTHM Full Albums' YouTube channel.

"Bow Down" will be released at the Keep It True (Rising) festival on November 19th on CD as well as on Bandcamp and on all relevant digital platforms. Before we reveal more songs and start the pre-order, you can check another new track "Unleash the Flame" featured on "Compendium of Metal Vol. 14".

If you want to learn more about the band, go to the GRAVETY page.

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